Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Eden

How did this day get here so fast!  My sweet baby E is ONE!  I love this kid so much.  My friend Shea said the other day how special Eden is because she has so much love coming at her, with 4 siblings who adore her not to mention Jason and I are smitten.  It's true - she is loved beyond words. 

She is our little copy cat.  She is trying hard to talk.  She's not interested in the walking but the talking... she's onto that.  She will copy our sentences with her own sounds.  But one clear thing she's been saying is "ISAAC!"  It's so cute.  She says, "I love YOUUUUUU"  - not as clear as I wrote it but definitely trying to say it.   The other day in Publix she said, "Oh, Ah" the whole time we were there.

I took some smash cake pictures of her on her birthday.  Hopefully we will put a birthday party together soon. 

As we celebrated Eden we will always remember this day as the day our sweet friend Darby Kate went to be with Jesus.  Her little broken body forever healed.  Her family became our family March 19, 2013.  That kid knitted our hearts with theirs and for that I am thankful.  I'm thankful for the hope in Christ of eternal life with HIM.  That we do not weep as those who have no hope.  Our precious friend is in the arms of Jesus waiting on us to finish this race.  And she is in the cloud of witnesses cheering us on to the finish line. 

Jason and Darby Kate were pretty close.  She has his heart.  He thought she was his for a long time!

Someone on Brittney's page said DK handed her candle to Eden May 26, 2013 and said, "GO LIGHT YOUR WORLD"  I pray that Eden will be a gospel light like little Darby Kate.  That she will light the world with the gospel.  That she will shine bright for Jesus.  Darby Kate out shines us all but we will still give it all we got.

Please join me in praying for Jason and Brittney as life without their DK.     

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Church Picnic

Sunday we had our annual church picnic.  New place this year.  Brackner Park.  It was a lot of fun.  I feel like it's the first year in a while that it wasnt cold, or wet.   The kids LOVED playing in the creek.  And it was more than just playing... they submerged themselves.  As I watched them I thought... They could totally make it on the mission field - bathing in the creek.  ha! 

Sunday, May 18, 2014


OK, so my best buddy Erin and I tackled a huge project - Children's Musical.  I was there for moral support, I think.  She likes things done to perfection - and it was done to perfection.  I personally think we are a great team.  She's high strung, I'm laid back.  We meet in the middle and there is BALANCE!  ha! It actually balances out the whole universe... Kidding!

We did The Greatest Show on Heaven and Earth.   Why?  Why do a play that was made in 1989?  Where we had to use CASSETTE?  Why?  Because when Erin and I were discussing our church plays we BOTH had been in this one.  And we wanted to see it again.  ha!  So we did it. 

The kids were so cute and they all did an amazing job!  We were scared there for a couple of weeks but they pulled it off and were AMAZING!  So extremely proud of them. 

The whole gang!
Anna was a Zambini and Mary was a lion


The 4 Zambini's

The Lions. 
They played the Lions from Daniel and the Lions Den

We made Nathan (our music minister) be the clown.
Such a trooper
And a crowd pleaser!


Mamma loved the show and thought the girls were SO beautiful!
I agree!


Little Andrew loves Mary and he was so proud of her!


Saturday, May 17, 2014


I shot my 1st wedding!  Scary? Much.  Not my favorite thing to do but good experience. I guess Joni has a way of controlling me. I'm not into weddings. I'm not into inside pictures.  The best part was when they let me take it outside for about 30 mins.   My friend Lauren is related to Joni and she asked us both to do pictures.  So that took some of the pressure off.

It was a beautiful wedding and the reception was fun.  Congrats Pete and Joni Sarris.  Thanks for letting Jason and I be a part of your special day.  Even if I did it kicking and screaming.  Ha!  Love ya!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day

I love being a Mom!  I LOVE IT!  I love my kids so much.  They have pushed me to crazy limits of love.  They have shaped me, humbled me, and made me extremely proud.  The Lord has been so kind to us by giving us our 5 little blessings.


I love to see what they come up with on Mothers Day.  This year Jason did some of the housework I had been avoiding like the plague.  I took that as a gift.  Thank you!  We also had some of our good friends over Sunday for lunch - that too was a gift.  Noah school doesn't make him make his mom gifts anymore - sad.  Anna made a book of poems for me.  Which I love.  There are always little jewels in there.  I love seeing how they perceive me.  It's always quiet funny too.  Apparently I'm a drinker!  Mary gave me some coupons for foot massages and back rubs and all kinds of nice things she could do.  Plus, they made bath salts.  She chose pink salts for me.  Now I've just got to use them... She is waiting!

That night my sister, mom, and I went to eat and to a movie.  I love this little tradition!  My dad gives us money to go out.  We went to dinner where there was endless conversation about EVERYTHING... You would think we never see each other... then we went to see Moms Night Out and we laughed so hard.  It was so funny. 

I just felt overwhelmingly blessed to have my mom, as my mom, and then also to be a mom.  Children really are God's Best Gift!! 


Saturday, May 10, 2014


Another year of dance under our belts.  This year's theme... "A Lil Bit Country."  The girls did so great.  Anna really enjoyed taking again this year.  I guess she is one of those...she didn't know what she wanted until it was gone.  Her little break did her good.  She really appreciated the lessons and loved the recital and she rocked it by the way.

Mary danced to Achy Breaky Heart - I'm pretty sure that's the first time that song got me teary eyed.  She did so great... and she loved the stage.

She also danced to Broadway Baby.  She looked so beautiful up on that stage.  She has fun and when she's done she'll say, "Was I good or was I GREAT!"  ha!

Anna danced to Where's the Party and Put on a Happy Face.  She did so good and never had to look at her neighbor or Shalita.  She made a point to learn the dance.  SO PROUD.  And she had fun!  That's most important!

We took Riley with us to recital this year.  We are crossing our fingers she's gonna take with Anna next year.

They just made me so proud. Thanks mom for taking them to dance every week.  They love it and love the time they get to spend with you. All credit goes to you!  I love you!

Anna is in the back, first person on the right.

Mary is 4th from the left

Anna is 2nd from the right

Shalita - you rocked recital one more time.  I'm so proud of you and how big your studio has gotten.  Praying continued blessing on you and your studio.  I love how you continue to give God all the glory!  You are a LIGHT!