Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a great Easter!

Funny story... I sing in the choir but the week before Easter Eden was sick so I had to stay home with her.  So I missed the practice where they said to wear BLACK/WHITE (on EASTER).  There was a rehearsal later in the week, which I went to but they did not say what to wear again. 

So, I take the kids Easter dress shopping the Friday before Easter.  Last minute decision to at least get the girls something (though everyone got something).  I was not going to get anything - but you know, it's hard to resist the dress rack at Ross.  PLUS, I wasn't even looking ... this dress was just pulled out hanging on the side of the rack - my size, calling my name.  $15 - I can do that.  SOLD to ME!  So cute... later I found a dress for Eden that sorta matched it. 

ANYWAY, my dress was green!  NOT BLACK nor WHITE.  So I show up on Easter in my new cute cute cute dress and noticed some people wearing black.  I thought - Oh that's sad, black on Easter?  But then I started seeing people I know would not wear black on Easter.  And then we all get up there in the loft to practice before Sunday School and I'm the ONLY ONE not wearing black.  I said, "Did I miss the memo?"  ... being funny!  And they all said YES!!  So they said, go home and change or we are handing you the mic.  That's the only way you can be different.  NO THANK YOU!!  I'll be right back.  So THANKFULLY we now live across the street and I could change.  So I wore black on Easter...BOO!

We had a GREAT Easter afternoon.  No plans whatsoever.  So we went swimming at our neighbors house for a little while.  The kids thought it was freezing so we didn't stay too long.  Then we did an Easter Egg hunt with our neighbors kids.  We hid around 100 eggs for the kids and then the kids wanted the parents to hunt eggs.  So... We did.  It was so much fun!  I love having fun neighbors with good kids.  We stayed out talking to them for hours.  A lot of fun! 


Happy 1st Easter Eden

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Jason and I were able to get away on a little beach trip!  I cannot believe it!  We had a blast doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  We stayed at Caribe.  It was very nice.  It was kinda cool but - that didn't bother either of us.  Jason read a lot and I laid out at the pool a lot.  We watched a lot of Cable TV too... ha.  We don't have cable at home! 

Thursday Night Erin and Tyler came in and we spent all day Friday with them. 

I cannot believe how fast the week FLEW by.  It was very hard coming back to reality.  But a much needed break.  And how about... I'll say it again, MY PARENTS ROCK!  They came out and stayed with all five kids, getting the kids ready for school - and little Eden got sick that week too.

The day before we left I was talking to my mom and she said, "Well, have fun!  And take your time getting home bc when you get home REMEMBER... You have 5 kids and the baby has diarrhea!"  So with that bit of encouragement I sat out at the pool for one hour before we had to leave. 

There was terrible flooding the night before we left.


We took this LONG bridge to the beach

And ended up this far from our condo

The Crab Trap was our favorite place to eat!


The only day we went to the Beach was Friday with the Colvins.  I was so scared I was getting burned again I hung our under the towel!

Putt Putt... I lost!  BAD

Cotton Candy from a vending machine!

One last relaxing hour at the pool


Cannot wait to bring the kids!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Mary


I love Mary.  She is ALWAYS referred to by anyone we meet as "Sweet Mary" and that she is.  She has her moments... don't be fooled but she is so sweet. 

I love Mary's Birthday - it's in the spring and everyone is ready to get out in sun.  We've been having her party at the church and we love to just let kids play and parents pow-wow!  The past several years we have gone with the Minnie Theme.  She LOVES Minnie Mouse, and still does but this year she wanted to have a "Pickle Party!"  What?!?  What in the world?  How in the world? 

I asked her, what is a pickle party?  She said it's a party where everyone that comes eats pickles... and all kinds of pickles.  So, that's what we did.  We had dill pickles big and small, fried pickles, and dill pickle chips.  We got a cookie company cake and asked them to put a pickle on it... They said that was the 1st cake with a pickle on it they have made.  The girls at work and I also made a pickle pinata... Which is questionable but it worked. 

I think someone should create a cute pickle party theme.  Because it's not popular and it could be REALLY cute.  REALLY! 





So happy 6th Birthday Mary. I hope you loved your pickle party. Already planning to do it again next year.