Friday, March 7, 2014

Anna's Got Talent

The school had a talent show and Anna and some of her friends joined.  Our friend Kim at church worked so hard with them showing them a routine.  They were so cute.  They were the One Direction Geeks and danced to You Don't Know You're Beautiful.

Poor things had to do their routine 3 times!  They were last - so my nerves were already shot! HA!  There was a scratch on the CD right towards the end of the routine.  But they had fun and were troopers and kept dancing. 

Here is the video...
They also didn't place because you had to pay to win.  We totally could have had them win because there were 7 families represented.  But they kept calling it a "People's Choice" - I thought there were judges and then a people's choice.  NO!  Whoever raised the most money won.  Oops. 

I'm so thankful Anna gets to do things like this!  She was able to participate in the talent show because I didn't have to do anything.  Terrible I know, but OH SO TRUE.  And she got to do it with a group of people because we knew people.

Just another joy of being in the community! 

Nerdie friends

The group of Geeks


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