Monday, February 17, 2014

Noah's Birthday

Some how this sweet chuck of love has turned into a 12 year old tall skinny boy!  THIS IS IT!  Next year he's a teenager.  I will have a teenager.

This year we celebrated by going to McAlisters for lunch.  Then over to Gamestop.  He found 2 games he wanted.  It's hit or miss there!  But luckily he found something he wanted.  Then we came home, got dad, went to the Galleria to get a COOKIE CAKE, then to 2nd and Charles, which he didn't find anything there which put a damper on things.  Then to Pablo's to eat with the Cvachos.  Seeing Will made all things better again.  He's getting big so fast!  Hope he enjoyed his little celebration!

At 12 he is 5.2 and weighs 80 something (ha)...  I personally think he is so cute...such a heart throb!

He loves his xbox and any video games.  He loves his bb gun and I find bb's everywhere!!  EVERYWHERE!    He likes to build and make things with his hands.  He loves people and still makes friends so easily.  We moved and he already has a neighborhood full of friends.  I love that about him.

He loves cereal (any kind), he loves candy (any kind).  He still stuffs his pockets with, candy, trash, bb's...always gotta check those pockets!  His wife is gonna love that!    He doesn't like school all that much - the work side of it...the people side of it...he LOVES it.   He can play the tuba really really good but in the move he got moved over to percussion.  He is very talented in the instrument scene.  He doesn't like to sing but the instruments he finds a lot of interest in.  He has no girl friend and has no desire for one.  He's all about being in the woods, fishing, and video games.  No girl has shown interest in that so... they are out.

He's great with Mary, Isaac, and Eden.  He plays really well with them and they adore him.  Anna is a different story.  He does love her though, I know he does...he leaves hints of his love for her all around but they can't let us know about it.  ha!  Their love consists of bugging each other to death.  He is still a really good kid with an occasional smart mouth.  And by occasional I mean everyday all the time.  He wants to be funny so bad but he hasn't yet figured out the time and place for that....ha!  

I still pray that he will grow spiritually and pray he seeks the Lord all the days of his life.  I pray he finds that the Lord brings more joy and satisfaction and meaning to this life far above all the things mentioned above.

I love this kid and how he's shaped me as a mom and person.  He's our little guinea pig sometimes poor guy.  But he's been so gracious to us as we learn.  Love love love him and feel super blessed that the Lord allowed me to have HIM!


Oh how the years go by!!  

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