Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Let's turn it all back to Eden

Well, look at that.  You think I've fallen off the wagon.  It's been since 4 months since Eden graced the blog!  Nope.  I've got this.  I have an app on my phone and I've been keeping up with Eden there.  SO THANKFUL because finding time to blog has been somewhat of a chore.  But I don't ever want to forget.  And heaven knows I will and I'll even wonder if Eden was ever a baby.

Her first year is FLYING BY.  Everyday I wake up and I'm shocked she's another day older and now another MONTH older.  But with every milestone she's getting cuter and cuter, smarter and smarter, funner and funner!  The kids adore her more and more everyday as she learns to interact with them.

She's definitely a "Dollar" through and through.

5 months

16lbs 4oz
She found her feet!  She laughs out loud, loves her siblings, eats baby food, and sleeps MUCH BETTER!  She attended her first fall festival as a skeleton and celebrated her 1st Halloween as a Penguin (Noah was her iceberg)!  She started screaming, which sounded a lot like Anna... All happy screams.  She swung on the swings for the first time at a park - loved it.  She started chewing on everything - though no teeth came up!  She did get another ear infection and pink eye that month.   

6 months

She learned to sit up!  Such a big accomplishment!  She also got into crawling position!  But didn't go anywhere.  Just up on her knees rocking.  She got a double ear infection and asthma - boo!  It took some time to get her well.  But it is winter!  When she was six months we moved to Rock Mountain Lakes and she got a room!  With Mary.  She had been sleeping in our living room.  Poor baby!  But Mary requested to share a room with Eden.  She met Santa and had her 1st Christmas!

7 months

16lbs 8oz
I think she was sick so much during the last month that she didn't gain much weight.  She stayed in the 16 pound range for a while.  At 7 months she experienced Granny's 1st Christmas (that's a big deal).  Had her 1st New Years Celebration with friends and a campfire!  Went to another movie...this time FROZEN.  Started scooting to get where she needed to go.  She started clapping her hands and all out crawling.  She got her 1st tooth and the FLU (with me).

8 months

She experienced her 1st snow - and hated it.  She started holding her bottle (she's spoiled - I always hold it for her).  She started saying "bye-bye" and waving.   She got another tooth.  She got a baby bed!  We finally dug it out from under my parents house!  Out of the pack and play!  YAY!  And now she is pulling up on everything trying to stand.   

And tomorrow... she will be 9 months

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