Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I really enjoy my job!  REALLY!  I love all the people and it's really a great place to work.  Because in working you are doing KINGDOM work.  It's not just for the really is a ministry.  And, I love it.

BUT, I hate evaluation time!  Hate it.  And this year has been the year of distractions for me.  I really feel ADD since Eden has been born.  It's a new ball in the juggling act.

I'm a people pleaser to hear an evaluation always makes me think the "higher ups" aren't "pleased" ... which is so not the case and they stress it to me every year.  But I'm visibly shaken when evaluation time comes.

So, my people think they are funny!  And they are.  This year I was handed this as my "evaluation"... Thank the Lord is was not real.  And that I too have a sense of humor.  Made me just love these people a little more.

They are so patient and kind and a pleasure to work with.  I'm glad I met their expectations this year.  Praying 2014 is a year of beyond expectations.  I'm setting that bar a touch higher.  Ha!

Well, with one set back...  Celebrate evaluations with Mrs. America makeover.  I love my Barbs!

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