Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another Snow

So the story goes...There will be snow again!  Again?  We don't play now.  The kids go to school Monday.  The bad weather is expected to hit Tuesday.  School is cancelled!  And it's cold - and rains for 2 whole days - snow.  And school is cancelled.  We watch and wait, and watch and wait!  And just when we give up hope... It comes.  SNOW!!!  It started and it looked light, then our neighbor texted us and said, "Have you looked outside?"  NO!  We had not.  It had only been snowing for about 45 minutes and it didn't look like it was accumulating.  Well... It did and fast.  And it was fun snow.  We all bundled up (except dad and eden) and went outside to play.  

The kids made a snowman - it's the biggest they had ever made.  Our neighbors came out to help and then we had a snowball fight with them.  It was so much fun.  And beautiful.  Quite perfect.

WAITING AND WATCHING FOR SNOW!  It had just started!

Mary: PJs, snow boots, ROBE, scarf and hat... Whatever works!

Ready to play!  I love that they were in their PJs and they just threw on stuff over them!

The kids with the snowman!


Eating some snow!

Our perfect house in the snow!  I wish you could see it better!  

Have I mentioned we love living here?!?  If not, we do!

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