Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I pride us Dollars on hardly ever being sick.  We get colds, but the fever, flu, sicknesses...we really don't get that much of.  Well, this year we got it.  I'm pretty sure it all started with Isaac but being a kid his symptoms were mild and he got over it pretty quickly.  He got a fever on a Sunday night woke up with low grade for the day and Tuesday was playing and fine.  But he had STREP and no one knew.  I'm not the mom that runs to the doctor at fever, runny nose, etc.  You have to prove your sick around here.  TOO MANY TIMES, have I been to the dr for "just a virus" and with 5 kids we can't be keeping those kinds of copays.  So, anyway, he really wasn't sick long enough for me to take him to the dr.

But Tuesday, I started getting sick ...I just felt it come on while I was at work.  I had a low grade fever and I mean LOW GRADE... like 99.2 so I was not considered "sick" ... it was just a cold coming on.  Well, Wednesday I was 101, my neighbor works for UAB and teaches students labs so she had a flu test.  She said, it really sounds like flu the way it came on so fast and the fever being so constant.  It would not break.  So she came over and tested.  The test was expired but it would still work.  Kind like if it's positive you have the flu but if it's negative you might still have the flu.  I took real comfort in my negative flu test.  But Thursday I was sporting 103 pretty consistently, the baby woke up with fever, and Jason said we had to go to the dr.  Couldn't let this one pass.  By that time my throat was killing me too so I knew it was strep.  Well, it was strep.  They said the test changed REALLY fast.  But we went to a doc in a box and they tested for flu too.  We talked a lot about my my strep and I almost told them not to do the flu bc I had already taken a flu test but I let them do it anyway.  Well, they came back in the room to tell the dr, "Oh, she has flu A and the baby has Flu B."  So that explains the dying feelings I was having.  Flu and strep.

Oh but that's not all.  While sitting in the dr office Jason said he felt like he was getting sick.  But thought it was all in his head because the baby and I were sick, and he's in the doctors office surrounded by sick people.  But yea.  The next morning he was back at the doctor getting swabbed and he was sick!  With strep!  No flu!  But still miserable.  That night Isaac started acting weird again so I called my neighbor and asked her to bring a strep test and test Isaac because he had been weird off and on for a week.  WELL, he was positive.  It was him...he started it all!!  Crazy kid!

And $200 later we are all better!  Praise the Lord!

THE TEMP... Even I couldn't believe it.

Sickie Selfie

my "bedside"...  WAY too much Tylenol and Ibuprofen, then there was antibiotic, nose spray and throat spray, Zyrtec D and Gatorade.    That should fix it!

I'm so thankful for our church family.  They really took care of us.  They were sending meals and keeping kids.  They were all so kind.  Glad that is all a memory.

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