Friday, December 27, 2013

Granny and Grandaddy's Christmas

We had to do Christmas later because Granny got the flu!  Christmas at Granny's is everyones favorite.  She gives the best gifts, makes the best food, and we are surrounded by our favorite people.

Group pictures prove impossible with this group. 

These two are best friends.  Vivi LOVES Isaac!!

Eden's first Christmas with Granny

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's Christmas!!

So stinking hard to believe it's Christmas.  The kids had a GREAT Christmas - somehow once again it all fell in place.  I love happy kids!

Isaac's big gift was the Octopod.  That's what he wanted the most!
He got:
Wii Universe game, angry birds, angry birds blanket, puzzles, another Octonaut toy, Dinosaur hot wheels set and some tattoos.

Mary's big gift was an American Girl Doll
She got:
a ballerina outfit for her doll, hello kitty headphones, minnie mouse guitar, minnie mouse coloring set, hello kitty doll you can color on, wallet, earrings and tattoos.  Not to mention those fancy glasses she is sporting.

my present... Table and lamp
Eden did enjoy her toy!  
McCalla Ink

What could make this Christmas even better?!?  A visit from our best buddy REY!!! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Anna is 10

We celebrated with lunch at Johnny Rockets and a movie again this year!  It was FROZEN!  Best birthday movie EVER!

Mary invited Emma to go with us too!  We had a great time.  We topped the day off with cupcakes from Edgars!

These 2 love each other so much!!

and I love them so much!


She's 10!!


That Anna...She's some kind of special

On her actual birthday we had cake and presents with GRANNY!  

It's just really hard to believe just how fast 10 years can fly!  I love my Anna!  She's a biggest help around here, she's a little momma.  She's funny and so fun to just hang out with.  She loves to sing and make videos and write, she LOVES a journal.  She's a really good kid. I love who she is turning out to be.  Still praying the Lord continues to draw her to Himself.  She is his perfect gift to us.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I love the story of our house!  I cannot believe we get to live there!  We came to RMLBC the summer of 2009.  We lived in Centerpoint in a house we would never be able to sell because of some structural damage we were unaware of when we bought it.  We loved our little house up there.  It was perfect for us but we were advised by many many people that we would never be able to sell it.  And sure enough they were right.  So, when we got the church we decided to move into an apartment and start the dreaded process of foreclosure which later led to bankruptcy.  We knew we would never be able to buy a house for at least several years so our apartment was where we were content to stay.    We both wanted to move to RML but there was never a way we could do it.

We were not looking to move or anything and in August (the day before school started) a couple from our church asked us if we would be interested in renting a house in RML.  They had bought a house that they were flipping (it's a hobby of theirs) and they thought of us when they bought it but we by no means had to rent it.  It was just a thought and they wanted to ask us first before they pursued other renters.  Here is the 1st picture I ever saw of the house.

It's funny because I was ok with it.  I was ok!  And Jason's biggest set back on getting a house was the yard.  Notice they had pulled that up!  HA!  So I told him, "You can't complain about the yard work... There is none!"  I didn't even think they would change the outside.  But oh how they changed everything!  And with every change we were so extremely shocked.  I don't know what we thought FLIP meant.  But they flipped it!  FLIPPED IT!

When we finally got to see it we were in LOVE with it.  And it was so big.  They let us help paint so we spent several weekends there.  I just thought when our stuff gets in it will shrink.  But it has only gotten bigger.  We are so spread out it's just marvelous.  We thought we were fine in our apartment, and we were.  The Lord was good to us there ... but this is just more then we could imagine.  And it's perfect for us.  It's 5 bedrooms.  There's a huge den attached to a sitting room with fire place right when you walk in, a BIG kitchen - so much bigger than our tiny one at the apartment.  3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 bath.  Downstairs has a playroom and 2 bedrooms downstairs plus a 2 car garage.  HUGE.  You would never think it from the outside.

The biggest and best perk.  It's across the street from the church.  We walk to church.  And we see Jason so much more now.  We love it!  We continue to pray that our house will be a house used for the Lord's glory in the RML community.