Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Good thing we are spontaneous!  We found out Monday that we could go to the beach on Thursday!  Yes, thank you!!  You don't have to tell us twice.  We worked it all out where we could leave Thursday morning and stay until Sunday.

It was beautiful when we got there...but a storm was moving in!

Sunning at 31 weeks!!  


They played so hard in the ocean.  Red flags were out and they were only shin deep in the waves and still got beat up by them!!  Rough day!

My littles!  Love them!

Next Day:  FREEZING!  Rained all day but that did not phase the kids.  They love this indoor pool more than anything!

TOLD YA!!  Felt cursed!  It was uncomfortably cold!

The Crab Trap!  YUM!!  Stuffed ourselves!

A little old school Mario makes everyday good.  Jason and I had to show the kids how it's done!

Midnight swim!!

After the storm pasted it was warmer!  Thank goodness but the water was still cool.  We saw dolphins ALL DAY!  Such a beautiful perfect day!  

But this one was exhausted from all the days before!

Anna proved her toughness to Noah by getting in the FREEZING cold pool!

Cannot wait to get back... With #5 on the OUTSIDE!!

Love our little vacations.  A lot of work especially being pregnant this time but I'm so thankful we got to go this year.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby Shower

Had a baby shower at work today.  I got to share the spotlight with Barbara and Kelly!  I love these girls.  I love my job.  I love people I work with and their thoughtfulness.  They are all such good friends.

 I'm so excited to see who this little Dollar is...the suspense is about to kill me!!  31 weeks today!!  HOPEFULLY only 6 weeks left... I'll do 7 if I have to...But still holding out hope for 6!

Friends, Lunch, Cake, & Presents...couldn't be funner!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Posey Tea...

Sweet couple FINALLY getting married.  That's right, the weekend before I have the baby.  HOPEFULLY!!  So we have been counting down together.  Her longer than me...

I'm so excited for these two.  Love them to the moon and they are so worth celebrating.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tumble Bus

Ever heard of it?  Our friend Jack turned 3 and had the TumbleBus come to his house for some FUN!  "THE BABIES" loved it.  It was pretty cool...just wish I could have thought of it.  A bus gutted and inside...Gymnastics.  Look at the pure joy!!

The big kids had to play on the trampoline....they didn't mind!

Happy Birthday Jack! Your party ROCKED!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Jay Tyler

My good friend "E" had her baby!  Pretty exciting and intense.

Jay Tyler

And that means...I'm NEXT! Can't come soon enough! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Why I want another girl is beyond me!  My mom does all the work and this ONE DAY I have to go and get Mary ready for dance pictures.  She's sweet, and beauiful, but WEARS ME OUT! 

I hope I make it through recital this year!!  I'll be a good 35 weeks pregnant! 

Darby Kate

Jason Roberts tells Darby Kate's story:

For those of you that have just started following Darby Kate I would like to give you her back ground. Our angel was born two weeks ago on March 19th at 1:22 am. We had no clue that there was anything wrong with her heart until Brittney's "Amazing" motherly instincts kicked in and she pushed for test to be ran. On Wednesday March 20th, we were told she had "Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome" (HLHS). HLHS only occurs in approximately 1% of congenital heart defects. The heart has four chambers. The two upper chambers are called the right Atria and the left Atria. The two lower chambers are called the right ventricle and left ventricle. She was born with an undeveloped left ventricle. The left ventricle pumps oxygenated blood all over the body and the right ventricle pumps un oxygenated blood through the main pulmonary artery to the lungs to get rid of carbon dioxide and pick up oxygenated blood. Hard to grasp? I understand! On March 25th she underwent here first open heart surgery. (Norwood Procedure). The procedure took about six hours. The first 48 hours are the most critical and the medical staff really had their work cut out for them. Her oxygen concentration levels were low and her lactates were high. They had to rush her to the cath lab to run test that night and found that she had a septum defect on her pulmonary artery. They took her back to the operating room on the 26th for her second major open heart surgery. Everything went well but we were warned that she would probably pass away due to all the trauma her heart had endured. She has continued to surprise everyone although keeping her stable has been no walk in the park. Her heart is oblivious that it is suppose to be sick. Right now the medical staff is trying to nurse her sick lungs back to health. We are a long way from being out of the woods but the fact she is alive at this point is proof that God answers prayers. She will have a minimum of two more open heart surgeries in the next three years. Children's Hospital of Alabama is a remarkable place full of servant hearts. God himself made this advantageous place what it is. I feel like the loving and compassionate care that we have personally witnessed is not possible without God. This place is full of selfless people that are doing what God called them to do. Regardless of the outcome we will be advocates for this place the rest of our lives. Somehow, thank you does not seem like enough and I pray that God will bless their lives and family and show them that what they do matters. Sorry for rambling on and as always the prayers are greatly appreciated.

The Roberts are expecting!!  August 2012
November 2012:  The Big Reveal

First PICTURE!  IT'S A GIRL!!  YAY!  Darby Kate...

Born healthy March 19, 2013!  Jason got to visit! 

Ready to FIGHT! March  25, 2013

Too many machines going to one baby!  But God is in control.

Holding her Daddy's hand after surgery!

Pray for her RECOVERY!! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

If you know us you know this past week we have been praying, pleading, begging with the Lord to show Himself as healer in the life of Darby Kate.  She has been in almost every thought this past week, in every prayer... she keeps me clinging to my phone and waiting for updates - we've cried and been scared, we've had hope and continue to be clinging to HOPE.  Her parents are amazing.  They are our age, they are clinging to our Savior - JESUS.  They have handed Darby Kate to him to have his way in her life.  They know HE will be most glorified in this situation and they wait and watch to see what he will do.  We go to children's trying our hardest to "minister" and be the body to them but they end up comforting us, ministering to us, giving us hope, pointing us to the Savior.  Several things come to mind when I think of them:  they have peace that passes our understanding, they are always saying "today, I'm going to be still and know that he is God", they have joy in suffering.  Anna said, "I don't want to go and be sad" and we left the hospital yesterday and they were saying..."I love that place..."CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL!  I love that the kids have seen a lot of heartache and suffering and it not being as those with no hope.  It started with Hazel... and now they are seeing it again with Darby Kate.  We have a Savior who has risen from the dead conquering death and defeat.  Living in US!  So even in death we live.  COMFORT!!  COMFORT!!

During church yesterday I got teary when the songs were sung.  There is one song the choir sang...

Hang out the Banners and Shout the news
Blow the trumpets and horns
Till there is no one who hasn't heard

I'm here to tell you that Jesus lives
And as He lives so shall we
Dying and sin have all passed away

He is RISEN conquering Hell and the GRAVE
He is RISEN He has done what he says
He is RISEN no more death or defeat
He is RISEN He is living in ME

Anna said, "Mom, why did you get so emotional!"  Because of the past week!!  Knowing that this battle is already been won.  We have a Risen Savior, he did what he said he would do.  We have life eternal, even in death.  The Easter story is so real this year!  So very real!!  And that makes me "emotional".  I love my little Anna.  She said, "Well, I don't like it when you get that way!"  So I had to reassure her I was not sad!   These were happy tears! 

So after church we continued to celebrate.  We had lunch with my sister and her family at Taziki's - which the kids did not love the food but they LOVED being together.  We wanted to go on a picnic but with the rain we decided out to eat was good enough.

Funny...Anna and Vivi could be sisters and Francie and Mary!! 

My heart can barely hold the love I have for this bunch!

After lunch we went home and changed and headed up to Children's to fellowship with the Roberts family.  Had a great time with them! 

It was a great Easter!  Thank you LORD for dying for my sins, suffering for me, taking my punishment and not only that but rising again...conquering death so I can live eternally with YOU!  Thank you that your blood covers me...That the Father does not see me, full of guilt and shame - that he sees YOU - the perfect sacrifice, without blemish!  Thank you Jesus...