Sunday, February 24, 2013

2nd Annual RMLBC Women's Retreat

We grew in number this year!  40 women from RMLBC went to Shocco Springs Retreat Center for the weekend.   We always have so much fun together.  But as usual this baby is putting a damper on my fun meter.  I went, but I did not feel well.  But through it all there were a lot of laughs and great fellowship.    I love these women. 

Sandra taught us on the woman with "an issue of blood".  We talked a lot about our faith in what the Lord can do, how we are his daughter, how we need to call out to him, reach out to him.  We shared our favorite verse of scripture, we sang, we prayed, we painted crosses, we ate, and laughed - hard! 

I love these women.  They are all, each one, amazing! 


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Noah 11

Yep!  Enough said,  that's crazy! 

We had lunch at Pablos with the Cvachos, then Mom took Noah to spend his money...on an IPOD!  He was pumped.  Growing up too fast! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I'm his weary Valentine! 
We had a fundraiser Valentine dinner for Becky Thomas who is going to do mission work in the Sudan.  I just love hanging out with our church family!! 
We had plans to have dinner with Jake and Jasmine and finish up their marriage counselling (which has been so much fun - and beneficial to them and us) but our sweet friend Hazel passed away.   So we cherished time with our family at the Waffle House! 

Thankful for Hazel's complete healing. Thankful for her life. She always encouraged me to be myself as crazy as I am no matter our "position" (for we both knew we shared a little crazy!). Her smile is unforgettable - I loved to laugh with her (wish it was more than it was). You (Craig, husband) were truly blessed and I could only hope for a marriage as strong and God centered as yours !  She... also encouraged me by letting me know that having 5 kids was the best blessing (no matter what the world would say) and my days will be filled with love and laughter by them. You and her are such an example to us young'uns. Even now without her you are an example of the strength God gives those he loves, the love of Christ, and the hope of our future with HIM! Praying for you today and weeping with you!! May the Lord show Himself in a big way through this suffering!! Love you and your amazing family!!