Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's Christmas!!

So stinking hard to believe it's Christmas.  The kids had a GREAT Christmas - somehow once again it all fell in place.  I love happy kids!

Isaac's big gift was the Octopod.  That's what he wanted the most!
He got:
Wii Universe game, angry birds, angry birds blanket, puzzles, another Octonaut toy, Dinosaur hot wheels set and some tattoos.

Mary's big gift was an American Girl Doll
She got:
a ballerina outfit for her doll, hello kitty headphones, minnie mouse guitar, minnie mouse coloring set, hello kitty doll you can color on, wallet, earrings and tattoos.  Not to mention those fancy glasses she is sporting.

my present... Table and lamp
Eden did enjoy her toy!  
McCalla Ink

What could make this Christmas even better?!?  A visit from our best buddy REY!!! 

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