Sunday, October 20, 2013

Baby Dedication

I LOVE how Jason does baby dedications. He looks up each child's name, finds their meaning and prays for them to follow their names sake for Christ.  I typed out (below) what he said during her dedication.

Eden: Delight, Paradise - She is a delight to us.  I pray she grows to be a woman of God, a delight to be around, a very pleasant person who exhibits the gentleness, love, and mercy of Christ in her life.  That she would lead people to Eden, to Paradise, lead people to Christ and that she herself would know him personally.

Rae:  A Ray of Light, Ewe (lamb), Lovely - named after Ray Ramos - humble, a good friend, gifted and talented, gentle, nice, sincere, no spotlight on himself.  Pray she has those qualities.  She is a ray of light.  Our little lamb - pray she grows to be a lamb of God... Lovely.

Dollar: Currancy, As a father, I hope she has a few bucks in her pocket.  I pray she will be wise with finances, understand the value of money and how it can be used for the glory of God.

Prayer:  Father, we just thank you so much for Eden Rae, she is a blessing from you.  We are just humbled that you would let us be her parents.  She has been such a charming addition to our family and a gift beyond billions and trillions of dollars, we would take her over that any moment.  She is just such a blessings.  We pray for her, we dedicate her to you, Lord, she is yours completely and totally.  We realize that her life and days are written in your book. It's a done deal.  You know her.  We pray you will use her Lord, she would be a tool for your glory all the days of her life.  We pray for her that her future would be secure in your hands.  Father help Page and I as parents be honoring to you, to take Deut. 6 seriously and to let her be your little lamb.  In Jesus Name, AMEN.

She stared at Jason the whole time he spoke.  She adores her daddy!

He's pretty proud of her himself!

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Shalita said...

Oh Page, that was BEAUTIFUL!!!