Friday, September 20, 2013

Mary Lost a TOOTH

Mary had to get a tooth pulled.  Surprisingly enough she liked it, because of this...

GAS!!!  Laughing GAS!

We tried to make her cross her eyes... ha!

Laughing gas is so good.  I told her not to be scared it was going to make EVERYTHING funny... and she was just laughing through the shot, and laughing through the pull!  She's a mess and she loves the dentist and our SHEA!!! She is always looking out for us! 

She had to have a tooth filled but it could not be saved and had to be pulled.  She got $2 for her bravery and she also got her name on the "Tooth Tally" board at school.  I honestly thought she was saying her tooth was loose and hurt just so she could get on that board.  But, it was true...she had a problem. 

This all made me think of Noah and how he wanted me to knock every tooth out of his head.  He didn't lose a tooth until the END of 1st grade.  One of the last ones in his class to lose a tooth. 

I love my kids...

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