Friday, August 23, 2013


VHEE sent Mary a prize telling her they were excited about meeting her and inviting her to a popsicle party after she meets her teacher.  She was so excited to get a prize from school.  I on the other hand HATE that big crayon in our house! HA!

Noah mastered the Lockers!!  Should I mention he was trying to open the wrong locker and Jason had to tell him the right one!  Oops.  Glad we got the extra practice.  I enjoyed distracting him while he tried to open the locker too.  Telling him to hurry, that I thought he was cute, that we were gonna get in trouble if we didn't get to class, etc.  It was fun!

She's got the first day sleepies!!

He's a nut!  I thought about being sad they were going back to school until he came out - ha! 

They pretended to love each other for ONE picture!

Mary with Mrs. Hamilton - her first teacher EVER!

Popsicle party!!  This picture was for Anna!

Middle School...PINCH ME!

She did it!  One day down!!  One HUNDRED and something left!  We can do it!

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