Friday, July 26, 2013

Eden: 2 Months

Eden had another Dr. visit and is growing big and healthy!  So proud of this cute little bundle of JOY!
At 2 months:
11.13 oz
24 in
She had 4 shots and Noah got 3 shots for school.  It was a rough day! She had a little reaction to her shots.  She got extremely fussy and her leg was swollen and fevered.  Nothing a little Tylenol didn't cure.
Eden having a "smile party" - that's what Isaac calls it!!
Holding her head up so good!
Noah...Went to the Lake on a YOUTH TRIP!!  I'm really finding it hard to believe he is doing things like that!  CRAZY!  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Water Play Day 2013

Water play day is always one of my favorite days.  I love that the kids play their little hearts out from sun up to sun down and the parents get to visit and talk and slide all day!  Everyone wins.  This year wasn't my all time favorite - Eden has a way with "fun days"...She wasn't bad but she did have to eat, sleep, make sure she wasn't getting too hot, couldn't get on the slides, just baby stuff!  Oh, next year will be so fun!!

Maybe even the BEST DAY EVER! HA!

Eden's first slide went a lot like this!

Add caption

Too cool!

Isaac LOVING the slides


Waterslide FUN! 

FAVORITE PICTURE!!  This one will have to go on the wall!

The gang is just getting bigger and bigger!

This is Mary's best friend Avery.  They are pretty much TWINS!  

Anna and Riley Dollar...ha!  Sweet friends!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birthday + Lake day

Jason and Noah went to a Braves game to celebrate his birthday with some friends from the church and ALL the other kids and I went to the LAKE!!!

Eden loves her daddy and brother! 

Eden's first lake day was spent just like this!  Then Mindy gave her a bath after the long hard day.  She got a little tan too!

So hard to believe that's Isaac and Mary back there on the tubes!  They had so much fun being "big kids"