Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's a GIRL!

At my last Dr. visit Dr. Adcock said if I had ANY timbale contractions they would not send me home, because of my progression.  He was also going out of town but said he would be there over the weekend.  I wanted so bad for him to deliver but I was also only 36 weeks when we were having this conversation.  So I held out hope for that FULL MOON and the misery I was experiencing that hopefully by the end of the weekend I could time some contractions.  We had a super busy weekend with a wedding so it couldn't be any sooner than Sunday and it also couldn't be later than Sunday...because he would be leaving.

Sunday at about 2:45am I woke up with contractions.  Nothing painful but timable.  I just knew they would go away...but they didn't.  So at about 5:30 we were at the hospital being monitored.  I really thought they were going to send me home.  The contractions weren't painful, they weren't consistent, but they were still coming.  At 8am we got a call from the Roberts that little Darby Kate had passed away and at that point I wanted to unhook and go home.  It was the first day in all the nine months that I did NOT want to have this baby!!  But a text around 9 from Brittney said, "Praying for a baby girl today!  Tell Page to push that baby out...we want a baby today!"  And that is why we love Brittney!  She is an amazing friend.   So we stayed... kept waiting for the word.  I honestly thought I was leaving and actually told a few people we were.  But Dr. A came in around 10 and I had progressed some more so he said let's do this!!

He was so good to us.  I have some heart things happen the last 2 babies and he knew I was anxious about it.  He let me get my epidural first and had meds there that if my pressure dropped he could raise it and if my heart went nuts he could slow it down.  They showed me the meds and said, "They are right here!  Don't worry!"  He sat downstairs with us and talked (distracted me), prayed with us (and for the Roberts), and he watched my heart and blood pressure.  He did everything I wanted him to do with a calm assurance that I was ok.  He really is the best doctor and a great guy.  Just felt super blessed to have him there.

At 2:45 I was 8 cm and at 3 I was ready to push by 3:33pm she was born.  It was a painful experience for epidural was worn off!  She was 8 pounds, 3 oz and 20 inches long.  And she stole our heart!  She was beautiful... and perfect...and a blessing!  We were so happy she was a girl because we did not have a boy name and we just settled on Silas Whitt on the way to the hospital but we didn't love it like we loved Eden Rae.

When Dr. A put her on my chest she looked up at me and she immediately made a face that looked just like Isaac.  Jason and I both agreed.  She reminded me of myself too.  She had grumpy eyes like I had when I was a newborn.

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