Thursday, April 4, 2013

Darby Kate

Jason Roberts tells Darby Kate's story:

For those of you that have just started following Darby Kate I would like to give you her back ground. Our angel was born two weeks ago on March 19th at 1:22 am. We had no clue that there was anything wrong with her heart until Brittney's "Amazing" motherly instincts kicked in and she pushed for test to be ran. On Wednesday March 20th, we were told she had "Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome" (HLHS). HLHS only occurs in approximately 1% of congenital heart defects. The heart has four chambers. The two upper chambers are called the right Atria and the left Atria. The two lower chambers are called the right ventricle and left ventricle. She was born with an undeveloped left ventricle. The left ventricle pumps oxygenated blood all over the body and the right ventricle pumps un oxygenated blood through the main pulmonary artery to the lungs to get rid of carbon dioxide and pick up oxygenated blood. Hard to grasp? I understand! On March 25th she underwent here first open heart surgery. (Norwood Procedure). The procedure took about six hours. The first 48 hours are the most critical and the medical staff really had their work cut out for them. Her oxygen concentration levels were low and her lactates were high. They had to rush her to the cath lab to run test that night and found that she had a septum defect on her pulmonary artery. They took her back to the operating room on the 26th for her second major open heart surgery. Everything went well but we were warned that she would probably pass away due to all the trauma her heart had endured. She has continued to surprise everyone although keeping her stable has been no walk in the park. Her heart is oblivious that it is suppose to be sick. Right now the medical staff is trying to nurse her sick lungs back to health. We are a long way from being out of the woods but the fact she is alive at this point is proof that God answers prayers. She will have a minimum of two more open heart surgeries in the next three years. Children's Hospital of Alabama is a remarkable place full of servant hearts. God himself made this advantageous place what it is. I feel like the loving and compassionate care that we have personally witnessed is not possible without God. This place is full of selfless people that are doing what God called them to do. Regardless of the outcome we will be advocates for this place the rest of our lives. Somehow, thank you does not seem like enough and I pray that God will bless their lives and family and show them that what they do matters. Sorry for rambling on and as always the prayers are greatly appreciated.

The Roberts are expecting!!  August 2012
November 2012:  The Big Reveal

First PICTURE!  IT'S A GIRL!!  YAY!  Darby Kate...

Born healthy March 19, 2013!  Jason got to visit! 

Ready to FIGHT! March  25, 2013

Too many machines going to one baby!  But God is in control.

Holding her Daddy's hand after surgery!

Pray for her RECOVERY!! 


Laine said...

Page! We will add Darby Kate to our prayer board! Kevin has hypoplastic left heart syndrome....if there is anything I can do to help your friends, please let me know! Do you know if Dr. Romp is their cardiologist? He is Kevin's....

Dollar General said...

They are at Childen's ... I think Dr. Dabal is the cardiologist here and they have called in Dr. Alten from MO because he specializes in the type of surgery they were doing. She just had her 4th heart surgery and she is just 3 weeks old. Sweet sweet baby and family!!