Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Good thing we are spontaneous!  We found out Monday that we could go to the beach on Thursday!  Yes, thank you!!  You don't have to tell us twice.  We worked it all out where we could leave Thursday morning and stay until Sunday.

It was beautiful when we got there...but a storm was moving in!

Sunning at 31 weeks!!  


They played so hard in the ocean.  Red flags were out and they were only shin deep in the waves and still got beat up by them!!  Rough day!

My littles!  Love them!

Next Day:  FREEZING!  Rained all day but that did not phase the kids.  They love this indoor pool more than anything!

TOLD YA!!  Felt cursed!  It was uncomfortably cold!

The Crab Trap!  YUM!!  Stuffed ourselves!

A little old school Mario makes everyday good.  Jason and I had to show the kids how it's done!

Midnight swim!!

After the storm pasted it was warmer!  Thank goodness but the water was still cool.  We saw dolphins ALL DAY!  Such a beautiful perfect day!  

But this one was exhausted from all the days before!

Anna proved her toughness to Noah by getting in the FREEZING cold pool!

Cannot wait to get back... With #5 on the OUTSIDE!!

Love our little vacations.  A lot of work especially being pregnant this time but I'm so thankful we got to go this year.

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