Saturday, March 2, 2013

Missions Conference

1st Annual Missions Conference for RMLBC. 

Guest speakers Mark & Terry Barnes

Hat made of Emu hair.  And Anna surprised Mark by knowing what animal that was...Thanks to the show Ant Farm.

We had Mark and Terry Barnes come as our speaker!  They served with the Lawrence/Ramos clan in Papua New Guinea.  They worked on a base in the tribe as teachers to missionary kids.Our very own Ramos kids were there with them!  It was a very special time.  It was great to get to know them.  Anna just loved Terry.  She said she was so easy to talk to and she answered all her questions - even if they were about the scary animals in the tribe. 

I was busy wrangling kids a lot of the time but I loved hearing their stories, advice, trouble, their faith in the Lord and his calling. I love hearing how God calls people out of darkness and into HIS light!  Not only do they tell stories of the light they were in the tribe but their own story of salvation!  Mark is not the average missionary. Spent time in prison before the Lord saved him. No one is too far gone!  Thankful for their mission! 

God is so good and I pray he continues to light the fire of missions in our church! 

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