Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Festivities

Halloween always starts about a week early!!  Mary started off Halloween this year with her dance party.  She was a BEAUTIFUL Batgirl!  She loves Mrs. Shalita and was out to impress! 

Isaac had to get in on the attention

He's such a cute kid!  Steals my heart everyday!

Then we went to my Aunt's house in the Holler (Mulberry, TN).  They have an annual weenie roast on the first full moon of fall.  This was our first year and I would love to make it a tradition!!  It was so fun and so freezing!  The kids loved running in the open fields, exploring the broken down barn, and hiking all day.  My dad took the boys fishing and Will and Noah both caught a trout.  Oh the joys of country living!  Then we drove up the mountain to the campfire and roasted marshmallows and weenies, and spent time with our amazing family.  The smoke from the campfire was burning our eyes out but we were too freezing to stay away for long.  It was cloudy so we didn't even see the moon.  Oh well.  It was still worth the trip. It's an absolutely beautiful place and I love that we are welcome anytime! 


RMLBC Fall Festival. Always so much fun! 



Mindy thought she would be all cute and get a costume without me and Erin. Well we showed her!
I've got the 1st trimester blues!!  You can so tell...The others look GREAT!

Isaac and Noah disappeared into the fun...didn't get pictures of them at the actual festival doing things...ha!

And of course by Halloween at mom's I was done!!  No pictures this year.  Could barely find all the parts to the costumes.  DONE...I say DONE!!  But we ate a lot ...and walked the neighborhood and got GOOD candy!  It was fun!!  Lots of FUN!  Hope you all had a Happy Halloween too!! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

RMLBC Craft Fair

The craft fair has FINALLY arrived!  All our Friday night craft nights were paying off in this one day.  We had a great time we made $3500 ... our goal was $4000 - that was pretty amazing.  It was tiring but so much fun hanging out making sales all day. 

All the money will go to pay off the gym!  And in Nov the gym will be paid off!!  That is a HUGE HUGE HUGE blessing and answer to prayer.  What was going to take 20+ years to pay off was paid off in 3.  The Lord is so good!! 

Thank you Lord!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


We did it!!  The guys came home at 10!  It was great.  We slept late and then headed to the airport.  Everyone was so excited to see Dad!  He was finally home!! 

He spent a good hour in the bathroom "getting Lima Peru off!"  It was a good 10 days he went without grooming America style.  Then before he rested for the rest of the day we headed out to CHINA!  Our favorite little AFFORDABLE Chinese restaurant.  We ate with some of Jason's old students who happened to be there and then HOME.  And Jason rested the rest of the day!  And I loved him being home!! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Tomorrow morning he will be home!!!  I'm pretty sure this is the longest day ever.  Woke up this morning at 4 am - restless, anxious, about Jason coming home and about this new little one.  So I was ready to get up and get moving.  Laying in the bed made things so much worse. 

Anna has got a cold and she stayed home from school today to rest.  Noah was hilarious this morning.  He said he was sleeping on the couch last night because he saw a huge spider.  He said, "I don't know if it was real or a vision but it was huge so I got up and ran to the couch!"  I'm thinking it was a vision by how large he described it.

Came into work at 7:30 because I only took one kid to school.  After some time we took a break and went to tell a few people the news, went to walgreens to get these bands Hannah swears by, and get lunch.  What did I want?!?  French fries.  A little scared to eat bc I feel like at any minute I could feel nauseated and puke.  Not that I do...but that I will.  Crazy I know!  I hate the first trimester.  So good.  But I'm tried now.  And the work day is feeling like it won't end. 

COKE made things better!  Yea it's been awhile since I could enjoy a REAL COKE!  But today...I did!   

The team is making their way home today and they had some time to kill in Lima.  These are the pictures from today...

Now...get on that plane and COME HOME!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day Eight

On day eight the group went to Macchu Picchu. Jason said it was amazing and they have amazing pictures to show...

Apparently they had an amazing train ride...

Day eight for us...we started back to school. We were off Monday for Columbus day so Tuesday was an early start.  But we did it and once again we were not anywhere near late.  I have to say I've secretly enjoyed the schedule and getting so many hours and getting off at 3:30 - Win Win.  I just hate getting up early. 

Went to work had a great lunch with friends...laughed a lot.  I mean a lot.  The girls at work are a true pick me up.  I had told my friend Julie that I had some weird feelings and was beginning to think I was pregnant.  So that night... I went over to her house took a pregnancy test b/c really I thought it was negative only to find out ... NOPE...It was positive. 

So that night I get a text from Jason talking about how amazing their day was...and I said, "well, mine was too." and sent him this picture...

Yea.  Pretty excited to be having another baby!  5 kids!  Blessed?  Much!  That even got some facetime from Peru!

We didn't tell the kids because Jason wanted to see their faces.  So, I had to go on and act like nothing happened.  And I just wanted to shout!  So, we all went and had a tea party with Anna. 

Complete with a closing dance from Mary!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Day Seven

Day seven...We are way over the hump now!  On day seven I tackled Anna's room and closet.  That took some time!  LOTS OF TIME!  But the kids were out of school so she helped!   

I was really looking forward to my sister coming over because we had to cancel our last get together because the kids were sick!  BOO!  So she came over to sew and help finish a project we have been trying to work on... All work was halted when Isaac fell from a bar stool in the kitchen trying to get chips!!!! 

Thankful he is fine!  And after about 5 minutes he was being goofy and wild all over again.  Oh the joys of BOYS!!

Jason called in the midst of all that!  Which it was GREAT to hear his voice.  He said they are having a great one is sick!  Everyone is getting along great and it's one of the best trips he's ever been on.  YAY!!  I love to hear him happy!  They had finished their work in Arequipa and now were moving to Cusco to sight see and tomorrow go to Manchu Picchu.  So, I got to text him more too that day.  I don't mind him gone if we can chat!!  I hate not having communication with him.  Drives me bonkers. 

Still praying for him and the team.  Can't wait to greet him at the Airport Thursday MORNING!!  Whoop!!

Pictures from day 7:

I anxiously await these pictures every night!! Tomorrow's pictures should be pretty amazing!