Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Festivities

Halloween always starts about a week early!!  Mary started off Halloween this year with her dance party.  She was a BEAUTIFUL Batgirl!  She loves Mrs. Shalita and was out to impress! 

Isaac had to get in on the attention

He's such a cute kid!  Steals my heart everyday!

Then we went to my Aunt's house in the Holler (Mulberry, TN).  They have an annual weenie roast on the first full moon of fall.  This was our first year and I would love to make it a tradition!!  It was so fun and so freezing!  The kids loved running in the open fields, exploring the broken down barn, and hiking all day.  My dad took the boys fishing and Will and Noah both caught a trout.  Oh the joys of country living!  Then we drove up the mountain to the campfire and roasted marshmallows and weenies, and spent time with our amazing family.  The smoke from the campfire was burning our eyes out but we were too freezing to stay away for long.  It was cloudy so we didn't even see the moon.  Oh well.  It was still worth the trip. It's an absolutely beautiful place and I love that we are welcome anytime! 


RMLBC Fall Festival. Always so much fun! 



Mindy thought she would be all cute and get a costume without me and Erin. Well we showed her!
I've got the 1st trimester blues!!  You can so tell...The others look GREAT!

Isaac and Noah disappeared into the fun...didn't get pictures of them at the actual festival doing things...ha!

And of course by Halloween at mom's I was done!!  No pictures this year.  Could barely find all the parts to the costumes.  DONE...I say DONE!!  But we ate a lot ...and walked the neighborhood and got GOOD candy!  It was fun!!  Lots of FUN!  Hope you all had a Happy Halloween too!! 

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