Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Camel Lot

I went there!  I directed a Children's play.  Probably not the wisest thing a grumpy pregnant woman should do ... but I think, I THINK, the kids loved it!  Despite my ill nature! 

Love these PEOPLE!!

It was such a cute drama.  It was about a girl who was in a Christmas play and fell asleep right before it started and had this dream.  Her dad was a car salesman and wasn't sure he could make it to her play.  Her dream was about her Dad owning a "Camel" lot (instead of car lot).  And all the shepherds, wisemen, and other people in town for the census convincing her dad he must go see this baby born in the manger. 

The kids were amazing.  They danced and sang their little hearts out.  They made me so very proud. 

Anna got sick the day of the drama.  She was in the church bathroom throwing up and she did about half her lines and then slipped off stage.  She was miserable.  She worked so hard and knew every line and every song and dance only to have to sit out.  My heart just broke for her.  I thought it was her nerves but she never got better.  She quit throwing up but her stomach was still hurting so bad she couldn't go or do anything.  When she wasn't better by Wednesday I took her to the Doctor and she has acid reflux with gastritis.  POOR THING!  She has had to be on meds and a special diet so her stomach can heal.  I was so glad it wasn't her nerves!  She is so my child.  Our nerves hold us back from being super stars.  ha!! 

To God be the Glory!

Now...on to Easter planning!  HA!

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