Tuesday, December 11, 2012

13 weeks

13 weeks and I'm finally making it to the Doctor.  So it's not my favorite place to be and this is the 5th kid.  What is the rush? 

Benefit of going at 13 weeks.  An ultrasound!!  And wow...it revealed a beautiful baby ... no grain of rice, no round circle ... PERFECT BABY!!  Just precious! 

Jason had gone to the visit with me but as we waited to get the ultrasound it started to get late and he had to pick up the kids from school.  He missed it.  And we had decided we were not going to find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  So, in the sonogram room with the tech, she asks me AT 13 WEEKS... You want me to see if I can tell you if it's a boy or a girl.  I really wanted to cheat.  If I was a good secret keeper I totally would have taken her up on the offer.  But I told her we had decided we weren't going to find out.  So she wouldn't tell me without Jason!  But how fun would have have been...to find out so soon?!?

The baby was very still...hoping for a calm child.  Measured right on schedule (due June 17).  It also had it's hands up at it's face just like the way Anna sucked her thumb.  So sweet.  Anna said, I thought we would just see the baby, not see how it was like one of us.  SWEET!  I love that the big kids can realize they have character even in the womb.  Such a beautiful thing.

It was a very exciting day!  And after telling my doctor how I didn't like coming all that much he let me wait 6 weeks before I have to go back.  Then, we would do the big sonogram... 18 weeks!  WHOOP! 

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