Friday, November 30, 2012

I saw...

Just call me Dr. Dollar!  This was very exciting and a part of me wishes I was not 13 weeks pregnant.  I was not sure if I would be queasy or not.  I wasn't sure what I was about to see.  We were a week out from having the flu and I was very weak.  Talk about my heart condition...  it was racing!  But oh, I got to see something I'll probably never see again...

A C-Section!  That's right folks.  My friend Mindy got me back in the OR to take pictures of her C-Section.  I wish I knew when I went in that I would not be sick, I would not faint, and I would come out just fine...because oh, I would have seen a lot more.  I had high hopes of crossing the veil, they even offered me a spot but I just couldn't...they needed to focus on Mindy, not whether I got sick, or passed out, or experienced cardiac arrest.  Let's focus on her.  I came out of there with SWEAT RINGS I'm telling you!  But it was amazing.  Just amazing!  I personally don't want one...but the fact they can get babies out if they need to is quite comforting.

Sweet Olivia...

I'd venture to say she's plum perfect.  Thanks Mindy and Lee for letting me be a fly on the wall!!  Love you guys!


November 2012

I feel like November was a bust!  This first trimester, though I have not been throwing up, is about to kill me.  I just hate the gagging feeling, I hate the blah feeling, the no energy, the lack of enthusiasm to do anything!  I feel like each day my goal is to make it through each day. 

Thanksgiving was a BUST this year too.  As you know things were going to be different for us anyway.  We had planned to spend the day with Jason parents (which Jason did do with the kids), but me...STUCK in BED with the FLU.  Could not move, fever, body aches, no rest!  TERRIBLE DAY!  Thankfully my mom had taken my grandmother over to my uncles house so she escaped the wrath of the flu!  We were supposed to celebrate with my parents and sister on Friday but I was still in the bed and my mom refused to come over.  My goal was to stay in bed all day because Saturday we were going to Nashville to the Opryland hotel and see the Rocketts and the Grand Ole Opry! 

Yes, we made it to Nashville!  But Anna and I felt terrible and we tried our best to have a good time.  I think we were glad we went.  Shared the flu with all our friends...because that is what good friends do.  The Rocketts were amazing and Shek Ice just might have been my favorite!!  I love our friends.  They are all so sweet.  It was such a fun girl trip just wish I could have had the full effect - you know...feeling good and not feeling dragged around!  It's amazing how terrible we felt and we still had so much fun!

Giving it our best!  Anna and I are so sick!


First snow...ha!
About to freeze!!  YAY!

Anna sliding down the ice slide
Mary going down the ice slide