Monday, October 1, 2012

The weekend...

Something is always going on around here.  This weekend I had a lot of fun with friends and family!  Friday my sister came over because after making the ruffle pants for Mary I was determined I could do it by myself.  All of a sudden in my mind I was a pro.  So we went fabric shopping to pick out Christmas fabrics for the girls.  They are all gonna match!  We got some cute fabric!! 

We were hilarious at the store.  I'm such a pro at this pants making thing I didn't even know how much fabric to buy.  We actually had a seamstress come up to us and give us her name and number and tell us if we had ANY questions to call her.  So we said, "Well, can you tell us how much fabric to buy?"  She was sweet and told us and I'm thinking she was right.   It is so hard to pick which fabric to buy.  There is a lot of cute stuff!  We were prepared to be overwhelmed and I think we did good.  We got off track and bought one other type of fabric to make some fall/winter pants not holiday.  But they were so cute and could wear them now if I get on it.   After our trip to Hobby Lobby we went to McDonalds for "treats" ...and then to sit in THREE carpools.  So thankful my sister went with me.  I wouldn't mind carpool if she did it with me everyday!  ha! 

Marybeth came over to cut and color my hair because it was OUT OF CONTROL... Love her! 

Then it was CRAFT NIGHT!  Our craft fair is Saturday, October 13th.  We are tying up loose ends.  I love hanging out with the girls from church.  While we chatted and crafted Laken went through my purse!  Isn't she the cutest!?!?!  I'm glad I could help entertain her. 

I was the card puncher!

Apparently I had some she is checking my calendar...Laken I'm a very busy lady!

Saturday we got to sleep in ... but not much!  We went to little Madi's birthday Party.  We had so much fun!  She is such a little princess!  The kids had a fun time playing with so many of their friends!  Isaac got so extremely dirty playing outside ALL DAY LONG!  He was in HEAVEN!

We missed Shea!!!

Chocolate LOVER!!  They gave out chocolate bars that melted super fast because it was super hot outside.  He didn't care!

Carson and Noah found 2 Lizards and they made a home for them...

That night we went to dinner with my dad for his birthday!  We went to Shane's BBQ...that's my parents favorite place to eat!  And after Shane's my sister came over to start our project!  It did not go well!  We laughed a lot but we did not figure it out.  We cut up 2 yards of fabric trying to figure out how to do what I did a couple of weeks ago.  Did NOT think I would be stuck at STEP ONE!!! 

This is NOT the right way!!! 

We left it...undone...Brianna was gonna have to help.  And Sunday...she so plainly told me  how to do it and I got it!!    I needed to fail... Now I know!  NOW...on to the project! And back to Hobby Lobby!

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