Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day Six

The Lord's DAY!  Honestly I woke up in enough time to get to Sunday School but ...The kids played in the leaves yesterday and I didn't give them a bath the night before so that had to be done.  All kids got bathed and we were a good 30 minutes late for Sunday School.  BUT, we made it!  And everyone was happy.  I was so excited because we finally got to pull out our warmer clothes.  Look at how cute all the kids were at church!!

I love all their outfits!  They were all so super cute!

Riley, girl in purple hanging from her friends above, let me borrow her fashion glasses because they matched what I was wearing...and I've always wanted glasses!!  HA!
After church we got lunch at Krystal and Anna begged to go there to get a Chili dog and then it had mustard on it so I had to beg her to eat it.  After lunch I went back to editing pictures for my friend Susan.  It was a great relaxing day. 

I was still missing Jason...

I went to choir practice that night and we took this group picture for the team... Sherry (our choir director) was going to cancel because of the Peru trip and then she remembered it was just Tim and Jason...Who are they?!?  So glad she didn't!  We had a lot of people and it was so much fun singing and fellowshipping with these people...especially the altos!!

We also practiced our Camel Lot (Children's Musical) and the kids are really catching on...I love it!  I hope it is a good as it is in my head!  HA!  I have really loved working with these kids the past 6 months!!  They are growing on me...

After church we went to Target (1) because we needed some groceries and (2) I needed to give the kids their allowance and (3) they wanted to spend their allowance.  They were all so good in the store.  It was fun.  Made me excited about Christmas.  We looked at all the toys.  And of course they wanted everything "for Christmas"  ... We went home ... Everyone Happy!

The girls got these masks from Target with their money.
Sweet Mary wants EVERYTHING Anna wants.
Anna doesn't love it, but it sure makes Mary happy!

I let the kids sleep in the living room.  It's their favorite part of dad being away...  Simple joys!! 

Pictures from Peru Day 6:

Not sure if this is Sunday but I love it!!

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