Monday, October 8, 2012

Day Seven

Day seven...We are way over the hump now!  On day seven I tackled Anna's room and closet.  That took some time!  LOTS OF TIME!  But the kids were out of school so she helped!   

I was really looking forward to my sister coming over because we had to cancel our last get together because the kids were sick!  BOO!  So she came over to sew and help finish a project we have been trying to work on... All work was halted when Isaac fell from a bar stool in the kitchen trying to get chips!!!! 

Thankful he is fine!  And after about 5 minutes he was being goofy and wild all over again.  Oh the joys of BOYS!!

Jason called in the midst of all that!  Which it was GREAT to hear his voice.  He said they are having a great one is sick!  Everyone is getting along great and it's one of the best trips he's ever been on.  YAY!!  I love to hear him happy!  They had finished their work in Arequipa and now were moving to Cusco to sight see and tomorrow go to Manchu Picchu.  So, I got to text him more too that day.  I don't mind him gone if we can chat!!  I hate not having communication with him.  Drives me bonkers. 

Still praying for him and the team.  Can't wait to greet him at the Airport Thursday MORNING!!  Whoop!!

Pictures from day 7:

I anxiously await these pictures every night!! Tomorrow's pictures should be pretty amazing! 

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