Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day Five

Saturday was busy!  And the kids hung in there like the troopers they are!  They have been really amazing this whole time Jason has been away. 

We woke up somewhat early and I took them with me to take pictures at Ross Bridge.  There is a big wooden train that I thought Isaac would enjoy...And...He did!

Just one of them before I got started!

I took pictures for my friend Susan...I was really happy with how they all turned out. And in return...She's making my Christmas Card!!  WHOOP!!!  I'm so excited you can see her stuff at:  I love her stuff ...

After we took pictures I took the kids to the Waffle House because we didn't eat breakfast!  It was so crowded.  We met mom and Mammaw there!  

After Waffle House I had to go run some errands for work...which included a Walmart trip and a trip to the office! 

Then I got this crazy wild hair and decided to cut Noah's beautiful hair off!  Shave it!  He is swimming twice a week and it is killing his hair...So, OFF IT WENT!  That was exciting.  Jason called right when I was done!


The kids asked why dad hung up on me!  I said, "He didn't hang up he was on a payphone!"  And with puzzled looks they said, "What's a payphone?!?"  They don't have a clue!  I loved hearing from Jason even if for a second.  I mean it was a SHORT phone call!!  But it was GREAT!  I just love him!

After the big hair cut I took the kids over to mom's house so I could go take more pictures for another friend.  This time senior pictures downtown.  I haven't gotten to edit those yet...but soon enough.  My mom made vegetable soup and it was cold out.  It was so good and hit the spot.  They said the kids had a blast burying each other in the leaves.  Isaac said it was an amazing leaf nest!  He's so cute!

We had a great productive BUSY day...with 4 amazingly good kids!  Troopers!

Pictures from Peru...

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