Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day Eight

On day eight the group went to Macchu Picchu. Jason said it was amazing and they have amazing pictures to show...

Apparently they had an amazing train ride...

Day eight for us...we started back to school. We were off Monday for Columbus day so Tuesday was an early start.  But we did it and once again we were not anywhere near late.  I have to say I've secretly enjoyed the schedule and getting so many hours and getting off at 3:30 - Win Win.  I just hate getting up early. 

Went to work had a great lunch with friends...laughed a lot.  I mean a lot.  The girls at work are a true pick me up.  I had told my friend Julie that I had some weird feelings and was beginning to think I was pregnant.  So that night... I went over to her house took a pregnancy test b/c really I thought it was negative only to find out ... NOPE...It was positive. 

So that night I get a text from Jason talking about how amazing their day was...and I said, "well, mine was too." and sent him this picture...

Yea.  Pretty excited to be having another baby!  5 kids!  Blessed?  Much!  That even got some facetime from Peru!

We didn't tell the kids because Jason wanted to see their faces.  So, I had to go on and act like nothing happened.  And I just wanted to shout!  So, we all went and had a tea party with Anna. 

Complete with a closing dance from Mary!!

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