Friday, September 14, 2012

The Funeral...

Making the most of a bad situation...

We all went to the hospital the day Pawpaw decided to end his treatment. My mom took my grandmother home to her house to rest and then they brought her to my house the next day to spend the night. She was battling a cold this whole time so the day before the funeral she slept all day! I mean ALL DAY LONG! I think she was depressed subconsciously. I let her rest knowing the next day would be long and painful. When we woke her up that day and the question finally came, "Where's Lavon?" she broke down, Mom broke down, I broke down. It was sad. She wept...literally grieved for him. It was so terribly sad. But we had to make the most of a bad situation.

A friend from church owns J.Dawson Salon and she opened her shop up at 7:00 p.m. to do my grandmother's hair for the funeral.  She was a blessing that night!  A true friend and blessing!  She made my grandmother look amazing!  Absolutely amazing!  Not to mention he loved getting her hair washed and fixed at the salon.  Judy let us forget about our worries for a while...we laughed and talked (I snuck away to shoe shop...).  But it made her feel great and look beautiful! 


TADA...She looks amazing!  And I love that she went in her PJs...

After the salon we drove to Huntsville to spend the night at her house so we wouldn't have to wake up so early to get to the funeral.  My mom and I are not morning people!  It was good for her to be home. 

The next morning we woke her up to get ready.  She rolled over and said "I'm not going!"  Oh, that is what we all felt in our hearts.  No one wanted to face this day.  I didn't want to see her hurt, I didn't want to face the reality of his death, I didn't know how she would react, what it was going to do to her.  I was with her...I DIDN'T WANT TO GO EITHER!  Mary felt on the outside what we all felt on the inside.

But everyone got it together and looked so pretty.  It was going to be a long long day!  Here went nothing!

You can seriously tell that my grandfather planned his funeral.  It was done in Pawpaw fashion.  Jason played the piano and sang with my cousins the hymns he had picked out.  Jason spoke and I loved it.  He sets aside the emotion and puts wisdom and clarity to the situation.  He spoke from Luke?!?  About Jesus raising...from the dead.  Where Jesus is...there is NO DEATH!  Praise the Lord.  My cousins also spoke about the life and legacy of Pawpaw.  It was sweet.  Then ... one of my favorite parts was when the preacher said that Lavon wanted the gospel preached and a powerpoint presentation at the funeral.  HILARIOUS.  He said he had never seen one done at a funeral and he wanted to be the first.  Well, he was the first! 

I love this picture! 
Noah's name means COMFORTER.  He wanted to sit beside Mammaw and be sure she was ok...He is the sweetest kid EVER!

The kids found this statue of I think Jesus.  They were fascinated!  They are comic relief to every situation!

I felt somewhat morbid taking pictures at a funeral.  I remember there are a few pictures of my mom's dad's funeral and we thought they were crazy for taking pictures.  But with my grandmother's disease I honestly wish I would have taken more of Lavon's funeral!  I have showed her these and she likes seeing them.  She wants to know she was there and remember but she just can't.

This is my mom's dad...
She looks a lot like him
I never knew him
I wish so badly I did
I also love pictures on tombstones
But then again, I love pictures!

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