Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Blessing!!

This year Jason and I were going to take the majority of our "tax money" and pay off our van.  But, as you know it was crashed!  We looked at a new van with all the bells and whistles.  We justified our wantings with "building our credit back" and then the Lord provided us a van that would have NO CAR PAYMENT.  That sold us.  That made no sunroof/dvd/automatic doors/leather seat/65000 mile car less appealing.  That simple statement...NO CAR PAYMENT.  And we love our new ride!!

A friend from church (who owns a used car lot - Dawson Auto) heard about our crash and told Jason he didn't have any vans but would keep he eyes open for one and Monday (after all our insurance stuff settled) he went to Long Lewis and it was there.  He snagged it for $6000 and sold it to us for what he bought it for.  It was a testimony to us of God's faithfulness but Sonny also said, "Isn't the Lord good!" So it was a testimony of God's goodness to him too!  We were all blessed in the process!


She is affectionately known as Scarlet.  She's not perfect, but she's better than what we did have.  Less miles, newer vehicle, more space, and a lot of love!  We'll just leave it at that. As of today...we are painting the town RED!

And hopefully she will be loved until this one can drive.  HA!!  Maybe not Isaac but DEFINITELY NOAH!

I have to say I love how the Lord provides blessings in the storms of life.  He can turn bad things into really good things.  Thank you Lord for your provisions.  Thanks for loving our family in the little everyday things of life.  Thanks for your protection over me and the babies in our crash.  May this van be another reminder of your faithfulness and blessings!  I just love you Lord!

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