Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Project...

My friend Brianna at church can sew and sews a lot of her daughters cute little ruffle pants (which are very expensive if bought) and skirts, she does purses...super talented.  She has convinced me that I could do it. 

She is a lot like me.  She doesn't know all the intricate details of sewing, the hows and whys (or cares for that matter) she can just do it.  That's how I roll with my photography.  I honestly don't know anything about cameras or software...I just play with it until it works for me,and it's by no means perfect but I get what I want.  So, she convinced me I could do it.  We went and bought fabric Saturday morning.  Which was so overwhelming but SO extremely fun!  We are making ruffle pants for Mary and a ruffle skirt for Anna and they both will have a brown t-shirt that we are sewing a ragged pumpkin on.  YOU WILL SEE FINAL PROJECT!!  TRUST ME! 

But Sunday afternoon we made these...

Our shirts come in Friday so we will get together again SOON!! CANNOT WAIT! And all I've thought about since then is sewing again!!  I found myself looking inside my pajama pants convincing myself I could make them.  I hope I get addicted to this!! I have plans of making Vivie and Francie matching outfits for all of them to get their pictures in!!  Fun times await!

While we were there...Brianna got down all Tyler's old Thomas the Train tracks and trains and the boy was in HEAVEN made a track clear across their living room and cried to the point I had to put him in the car to help clean up.  He was a BASKETCASE when we left.

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