Saturday, September 8, 2012


Friday, September 7th, I went to pick up the kids from school.  My dad came to sit with Mammaw and I decided to take the babies with me because they were getting a little stir crazy!  Wow, we started an adventure without even knowing. 

We were stopped at a red light on 31 (right across the street from West Elementary).  I was thinking about how I was going to go to McDonalds and get me some fries and a LARGE sweet tea and sit in carpool line (bc I was a little early).  When there was a BAM!!!  It was the weirdest feeling ever!  I wish I could explain.  It was just like the crash test dummies.  I felt just like one of those.  I never saw the guy coming (which they say is good because I gave into the movement of the crash instead of bracing myself)and he had no idea we were stopped at a red light.  When I was hit it took a sec to realize that it was a wreck I was just in and at that point, I braced myself because I was going into the car in front of me and BAM...the airbag came out.  I do wish I could have seen it on video!  I'm sure now after the fact it would have been funny to see me trying to process it all.  It's funny how I immediately had no clue what was going and I also immediately wondered..."what was I just doing" , "did I cause this to happen".  Again, a very strange feeling because I never saw it coming.  The babies immediately started screaming and crying in fear.  But when I told them it was ok (through fear and tears myself) they sat in their seats quietly and waited.  The whole thing was about 45 minutes but I swear it felt like it was 15 minutes tops.  The police and EMTs were there immediately. 

I couldn't open my door or the other door on my side.  My airbag burned my hand a little and my neck was immediately sore.  And because I braced myself and pressed the brake trying not to hit the other car my calve muscle was REALLY sore as well.  But that was it.  I was so glad the kids were perfectly fine!  No soreness no complaints from them.  And to me I can deal with that pain, thanks to Dr. Gamble, who I love so much and took the time to see me on SATURDAY!!  I continued to thank the Lord that we were all "fine"...  It was a crazy traumatic turn of events...Because the airbag came out the car is totalled.  Now, we are looking for a new vehicle.  I thought it would be fun but actually it's a little nerve racking.  But HOPEFULLY we are at least going to lower our car payment by $100.  So that could be a little blessing in disguise. 

So thankful the Lord knows all the plans.  I'm just trusting him and looking for ways to learn from this experience. 

Scene of the shook up that I only took this picture...

This is the car in front of me...the damage I did!

the one who didn't see me...

My burn...Real dramatic, right?!?  Look real close.  HA!

THANK YOU SILENA...For coming to my rescue!!  Without you I may still be stranded...ha ha ha!


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