Friday, August 3, 2012

Unexpected Pick Me Up...

Friday we had to get Isaac caught up on his shots.  He is finally caught up and I can be taken off the bad mommy list.  Our Dr. is in Trussville and I just so happened to get a text from Shalita on Thursday that she missed me and would love to get together sometime. about tomorrow?!?  You don't have a life do you?  Plans?  Drop them!!!  And do you know...Shalita has missed me so much she dropped all her Friday plans and came to eat lunch with us.  Made our dreadful (because of shots) trek to Trussville so worth it and fun.  She turned our frowns upside she always does...because she's Shalita!! 

We love you Mrs. Shalita! Thanks for meeting us and making our day!!  WE LOVE YOU!!

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Shalita said...

Are you kidding me?!?! Thanks for making our day!!!! We had a BLAST!! It was such a FUN, spur of the moment lunch!!! We are looking forward to our next Dollar/Clark outing!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you oh so much!!!!