Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Weekend

Picnic @ Work:  I needed to deliver some supplies to work and work just a little bit more because we are taking a trip to the Space and Rocket Center Monday.  Trying to get every hour I can.   I hate taking the kids to work...esp. all of them but they were pretty good and I worked until they couldn't take it anymore! 

Craft Night:  I LOVE A CRAFT NIGHT!  Silena and I both had seen on pinterest where you color with Sharpies on a plate and bake it and we wanted to do it.  So what better time?!?  All the kids played and we did the girls first and then the boys.  It was like pulling teeth getting the boys to participate but at the end of the night we got what we wanted.  Some pretty cute plate from the kids!

Movies:  THANK YOU SILENA for asking us to go see the new Ice Age Movie!!  Ice Age is my all time favorite.  And this new one did not disappoint.  We had such a great time eating candy and popcorn and laughing at Sid, Manny, and Diego.  It was such a fun outing!  Trying to end summer on the right foot!

3D Experience:  Shea and Jeremy have a new 3D tv!  Anna & Riley had a birthday party to go to so we hung out with the Dibens.  Watched a little Olympics in 3D, had dinner together and played a random game of Truth or Myth.  We learned a lot and had a lot of laughs.  We just enjoy those DiBens so much!! 


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