Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer in the SON!

Last night we had our LAST Summer in the Son.  It was such a great experience...  I am more than thankful to the Lord for all the goodness he showered on us this summer!  We planned a ton of outside water events (with no back up plan - not smart).  But every week it was dry enough to do our games.  Just a little taste of God's goodness to this ministry.  Each week the Lord gave us stories to tell and games to play along with songs to sing.  To God be the Glory.  To Him I am thankful for all the ideas that came swirling through this head, for all the help and support from an amazing team of parents, the funds to provide what we needed every week, the food and fellowship we all enjoyed in HIS NAME!  Thank you Lord for an amazing summer of fun along with teaching us all more about yourself.  Thank you Thank you Thank you! 

How it all came about:
I was so tired of coming to church and no one being there because there was "nothing for the kids."  We had run our people slap tired on Sundays and it was super hard to find a volunteer to teach.  After complaining to someone I thought would not reprimand me...She reprimanded me and like a good child I received it and "did something about it."  It was painful...more than painful but the truth does hurt.  I told all the moms that if they committed to bring their kids I would teach them and we could come up with a something fun for our kids to enjoy this summer.  First of all I made them make that commitment to motivate me.  If I'm just teaching my kids on Wednesday's I do not have the motivation to find a lesson plan or even go to church for that matter.  So with their commitment we formed a plan.  We called it Summer in the Son!  With a Water Themed summer. 

The Lord blessed it beyond my expectations.  We had a consistent number of 24 kids show up every week.  We had a little dinner all together, we sang and danced, we listened to a story and then we played with the theme of that story!  The kids loved it.  Even Noah had a great time (because you know he's getting too big to do all this kids stuff). 

So not only did our parents commit to bring their children but the parents all helped out in amazing ways as well.  All I did was throw a story and activity out there and they all brought the necessary items.  We had parents bring food, we had parents bring water supplies, we had parents volunteering for kid patrol, we had parents serving kids and we had parents staying to clean up.  The parents went above and beyond and their excitement and love was the greatest encouragement to me.   Every week it kept me coming back excited and ready to teach their children.  VERY UNLIKE the times before.  We had no kids argue, fight, cry, no kids say something wasn't fair.  We got to love these kids in the name of Christ.  Hopefully we loved them as HE loves them.

What it looked like:

Week 1:  We studied Creation...And what did God make?!?  Water!!  We talked about how he was our creator.  He made all things and they thought they were GOOD.  For the game/craft we made sand bracelets and wave bottles. 

Week 2: We studied Noah's ark.  Lots of water involved in that story!  We talked about how Noah obeyed God and how God protected Noah and he protects us too!  For the game we had boat races. 

Week 3: We had a break!  VBS!!

Week 4: We talked about the Lord parting the Red Sea. We talked about how the Lord made a for the Israelites to cross on dry land.  We also introduced the song "Pharaoh, Pharaoh"  which suddenly became their favorite song!!  The game was water balloon and water gun fights. 

Week 5: We talked about how Moses hit the Rock.  How the Lord provided for his people even when they were arguing and complaining.  We played in the sprinklers that night!

Week 6: NO Summer in the Son - 4th of July

Week 7: We had to cancel week 7 because there was a death in the church.  But we had planned to Jonah and the Whale and have a scavenger hunt.  OBEY the Lord.  That was supposed to be the main point of the night!

Week 8:  We moved to the New Testament and studied about the Woman at the Well.  How the Lord spoke to someone VERY different then himself.  And how when she realized he was the Son of God she spread the gospel to the town!  Just like we should do.  This night we had sponge races.

Week 9:  We talked about Jesus walking on Water and how we need to keep our eyes on him in the storms of life.  (I missed this one - sad) but the kids played on the slip n slide! 

Week 10: We talked about Jesus calling disciples and then making them fishers of men.  How Jesus also calls us to be his disciples. We bobbed for apples that night...which was pretty exciting.

Week 11:  We talked about how Jesus washed his disciples feet.  He our creator served the creation.  How we should serve others...think of others before we think of ourselves.  That night we played in SUDS!!!

Week 12:  Our final lesson we talked about Jesus being baptised.  How he calls those who trust in him to be baptised.  After the lesson we had a POOL PARTY at Mrs. June's house. 

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