Monday, August 13, 2012

Space and Rocket

We bought McWane passes for Isaac's birthday.  We just had to go see Diego!  And in our packet there is a list of other places your McWane Center pass gets you into for FREE!  Space and Rocket Center was one of them.  So as summer was drawing near we made plans for a mini vacation to go to Rickwood Caverns (because we missed our trip) spend the night with Mammaw and then go to the Space and Rocket Center.  Well...some things got changed.  My grandad got sick and was taken to the hospital, so spending the night didn't seem like the right thing to do.  And it was raining on Monday so that took Rickwood out as well.  Which was fine more time with Mammaw!  My mom went with and watched Isaac at Mammaw's house. 

The space and rocket center is somewhat information overload for me!  Glad we have passes because I definitely want to go back.  We didn't rush our day so we missed the movies, it was raining so we didn't get to ride the GForce and SpaceShot...which I think Noah would have LOVED!  BUT, we did ride Mars Mission all together...which was fun!  And the kids climbed the rock wall.  Mary had a dress on so she couldn't do the wall.  BUT, Mammaw let her climb her iron railing on her porch.  So that made all things well.  And we know NEXT TIME she can climb the wall at the center.

The Mammoth exhibit was there and it was really cool.  A lot of facts and hands on learning.  We tried to lift how many tons a baby mammoth eats in a day, we tried to guess animal poo, we matched elephants to their continent home.  They have these big elephant heads you can touch and it took Mary some time to touch it.  It did look fake but in the eyes you could make it look real.  So she was timid.  All I could think about was Night at the Museum and how I would NOT want to be here at closing time.  ha!

I of course was drawn to the COKE in space.  Pretty cool!!  I must say.

Then off to the big rocket center.  We heard and felt what it was like to be near shuttle take off.  They got in capsules and pushed buttons...which was funny because Anna was thinking that it was going to blast her off in space.  They had a little playground area for the kids in there so they played and Jason taught me all about the rocket and how it worked...ha!  He's a fast learner!  We saw different space they eat, how they go to the bathroom...that fascinated me and Noah and we giggled like little kids.  It really was fascinating.  I can't wait to go back and do more.  We didn't rush because now we have our passes...there's always next time. 

My favorite fact learned:  I weigh 23 pounds on the moon!!  To heck with dieting! 

After the rocket center we went back to Mammaw's house and we spent some really good time with her.  She keeps me laughing.  She really enjoyed seeing the kids and the kids just loved on her.  Made my day to see. 

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