Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Cranky Day!

Saturday is here!!  And Isaac did it!  He is officially potty trained.  He has no desire to wear diapers and he has not had an accident since Wednesday!   I said the other day, "Come here Isaac and let me change your diaper!"  He said, "You mean my Underwear?!?"  He's so funny!  He is so proud of his potty train.  I'm so proud of him too.  So glad he decided to just do it.  He got all kinds of cute underwear: Cars, Diego, Yo Gaba Gaba, Wonderpets.  We have a drawer full of little boys underwear.  It's beautiful!! 

After we got Cranky, Heather Gamble called and said I must get down to Babies R Us and shop their CLEARANCE.  She took me to the back and I bought so much stuff.  I was so nervous.  My basket was FULL but everything was a dollar or two.  CRAZY.  Isaac now has a new winter wardrobe all for $40!!  It was a great little pick me up (I've been having a pity party lately about missing out on some fun things going on...).  So thank you HEATHER... you are such a sweet friend and you make me laugh.  I just love you!

My buggy!!  Full of goodies!  Overflowing actually!

Rocking their UnderArmor Shirts
Mary Rocking her new Under Armor Outfit...Guess I need to find Anna one!  HA!

It's hard to believe we are out of baby world.  No more bottles, formula, they don't even do sippy cups, diapers, wipes...NOTHING!!  We are babyless ... But Mary and Isaac are still the babies!

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Shalita said...

Way to go, Big Boy Isaac!!! I want to see Cranky, especially since he is my favorite color!!

Way to go, Mrs. Page, on the bargain shopping spree!!! Next time, give me a call and let me in on such great deals! :)

Hang on to the babies as long as you can!!!!