Monday, July 30, 2012

Potty Training...

Thursday when my mom was keeping the kids she asked Isaac if he wanted to go potty on the potty train.  He looked at her and so seriously but with encouragement in his voice said, "It's get-in' closur."  She thought I taught him that, "UM...NO!!  The time is now son!"  We both thought that was hilarious but we took him at his word. 

We struck up a deal.  He loves trains so here it is:  If you pee in the potty and (are willing to) wear underwear you can pick out one train from the store.  Poo in the potty: a different train (he wants Hero, Victor, or Salty) and when he is potty trained and NO MORE DIAPERS...he get to have Cranky the Crane. 

Thursday night was good he was willing to sit on the potty (nothing) and he actually can sleep in underwear at night.  Kinda backwards in the potty training world but he is dry every morning so I thought that was a good place to start. 

Friday, he woke up and "Teed" (as he calls it) in the potty went back to bed woke up again and went again.  Had one accident and then we had to put on a diaper because we were going out.  But he was willing and when we asked him to go he went.  SO, we took him to the store and bought "Scruff"...that night was the craft night so he was left to play with his siblings and not much attention from Jason or I so of course...he took that opportunity to poop in his diaper.  But when we got home he went straight back to underwear and slept through the night DRY!

Saturday, he woke up and "Teed" in the grass!  That's always so exciting.  He put on underwear but he "Pooed" in them!  And "Teed" I think so he lost Scruff until he didn't have an accident.  We had a retirement party for mom so he wore a diaper he "Teed" at my brother's house in the potty one time and then pooped in his diaper.  GRRRRR!  He said Saturday he didn't want "Scruff" or any trains anymore.  Poor exhausted child.  So Saturday was a diaper day and no trains. 

Sunday, he woke up and used his diaper in every possible way.  So we talked about it and how he really needed to use the potty and I put a diaper on him for church because I didn't want the nursery people to worry about it Sunday Morning and I didn't want it to be a mess I couldn't deal with that morning ... it's always busy on Sundays.  But when we got home... HE WAS DRY!  AND, he wanted to play with Scruff.  So to the underwear he went.  And he even went to church in the underwear, and to Zaxby's in underwear and never had an accident.  We were so proud.  He went to bed last night with underwear and woke up this morning dry and went to the potty.  I feel like he might be getting it. 

EXCEPT he hasn't "Pooed" yet.  So, I'm sure there is an accident in sight but I'm holding out hope he wants to do this!  He has never pooped in the potty before.  I'm hoping he gets brave and just does it.  He says, "Mrs Cindy, 'showed' me how to poo in the potty!"  We think that's hilarious.  Mrs. Cindy is his Sunday School teacher and isn't that just something she wants to be remembered for.  And then to picture her "showing" him how cracks me up again.  I'm sure she just tells him he needs to go potty because he's a big boy. 

OH, how I wanted to give up Saturday and maybe we both needed a break but the past 2 days have been wonderful and I'm holding out hope!

 A diaperless Dollar may be in sight.  WE'LL BE RICH!!  ha!! 

Just got a call from Mom and Isaac pooped in his underwear...DANG IT.  He told my mom, "I'll poo in the potty SATURDAY!"  Oh my mercy....  Maybe it is "getting closur!"

Last night he POOED!!!!  I was shocked.  We made a big deal and at 8:30 we went to the store and he got Victor.  He lights up and talks.  Then he had a pee accident and in the sweetest voice he said, "We need to try again tomorrow.  Let's do diapers."  NO!!!  So I encouraged him and let him know that accidents do happen.  There is tomorrow but we are so proud of all he accomplished today!!  And he wore his big boy underwear to bed!!   

I'm so "POW-D" of him!!  Love that kid!  MAKING PROGRESS!!

I took these pictures when he "thought" he had to potty.  All this straining and striving and you know what I got...NOTHING!  A ton of hilarious pictures but no pee or poo...  He's a MESS!!!  Can't say he's not trying...

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