Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Birthday BOYS!

Sunday night we went to Frontera Grill and celebrated with the DiBens because along with Jason and Isaac's birthday it's Jeremy's too.  We really wanted them to sing, wear sombreros, and get loud...but they didn't.  Which was ok because with 7 kids I think we were loud enough.

Monday was the BIG BIRTHDAY!  We went to the McWane Center because Dora and Diego have an exhibit there.  Isaac and Mary loved it up there.  Anna and Noah were so sweet to hang out with them up there for a long time.  Then we moved on and they got to do some stuff.  We bought a year pass and I'm so excited to go back more this year.  We only have to go one more time to pay for it.  That's the benefit of having a big family right there!

One day!!  ONE DAY...I will be able to take inside pictures! 

After we played at the McWane Center for hours we went to the Waffle "HUT" (House) for a birthday dinner.  We are currently addicted to that restaurant.  That's probably why I've plateaued in weight loss.  But, it's a birthday celebration.  And celebrate is what we did.

We came home to open presents and eat a Bruster's Ice Cream CAKE!  YUMMY!!  It was chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream.  A family favorite.  Isaac got a Cars 2 track and a lawn mower bubble maker.  He has mowed our yard several times over.  He loves it.

Today, to end the celebration we went for our "well visit" and four shots later...Isaac is officially a 3 year old.  So proud of my little bizzy buddy!!

And...Happy Birthday to you too Jason.  Anticipating a celebration in the near future.

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