Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

We had such a fun forth of July!  We slept late...which is always fun for me.  Then without any rushing around or anything we all got ready for a swim day at Sue's house with our friends the Dibens.  GREAT FUN!  The kids just love her pool because it has a slide and a diving board.  And I think they love it also because we all get in the pool and Jason and Jeremy do all kinds of flips and dives and slides.  The kids just love to see that. 

Jeremy...head first
See Jason flipping...he's got the moves!
CONFESSION:  I had one of these...This one to be exact and it was GOOD!  I still love you COKE!
I had so much fun with Addi.  She is fearless.  I attempted to teach her to swim but she didn't get it...maybe next time.  She was also hilarious trying to "JUMP" in the pool.  She would do a couple of hops and thing walk in the pool.   SILLY GIRL.  I love those bright brown eyes poking out of the water.  She's a mess!!! 

These pictures are monkey do...

Then it was off to Thunder on the Mountain...our first trip with a group from church.  They go every year and started the tradition when Isaac was born.  It was so much fun hanging out with so many of our friends chatting and waiting on fireworks.  It definitely didn't feel like 2 hours and it was not as hot as I thought it would be - it was not at all miserable. 

Our Caravan...

SOME of our group!  Not sure why Anna is holding her nose but I can almost guarantee Noah has taken his shoes off!

I told you...he is so cute!

He's HUNGRY...Forgot to feed the little buddy before we left.

A visit from the ice cream (wo)man!

Friends in RED

I'm pretty sure this was his first firework experience. 



It was a great day...  Thankful to be FREE! 

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