Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 6

Finally Day 6!!! 

How to pass day 6!?!  CHURCH!  A lot of people were gone this particular Sunday...we had the DR team coming home that night, a group of Sunday School to a beach trip, and the Deacons had a weekend at the Lake.  But... We still came together in community and had a great time of worship (in my personal opinion).  I actually thought that Sunday School was so intimate and meaningful.  We talked about our finances in conjunction with the Mission Trip some of the church were on.  It was a very encouraging time for me.  I think because I went in thinking it was going to be a downer because a lot of our people were gone.  BUT, I was's not the number of was definitely the quality of the time together.  Then we kicked off the worship service OLD SCHOOL.  Just piano and hymn books.  I'm definitely getting old because I love me some hymn singing.  I love parts and harmonies so to not see my notes on a page drives me nuts sometimes.  I like to see my alto line to be sure I'm on the right track!  It was beautiful... You could hear everyone singing!  It was drown out by the intstuments.  It was the BODY worshipping together.  BEAUTIFUL.  Craig the awesome Elder he is got our hearts ready for Heaven.  His message was very personal and encouraging.  I just love his wisdom and insight! 

Shea and Sue and I went to lunch at Logans to pass the time some more.  It was so much fun.  I wish I knew Shea when we were growing up.  She probably won't have liked me but I love that our girls love each other so much and it just makes me think we could have been like them.  ha!  That might be a scary thought actually! 

Cassie came over to see her finished product and we took the kids swimming to keep them out of the house!  It had to stay clean for a few more hours until the boys could see it.  After swimming the kids and I tidied up a few things turned on Hannah Montana and waited...and waited...and waited...and waited...  Isaac couldn't stay up ... he fell asleep, it was hard for them to stay up but FINALLY...

FINALLY the boys got home at 12:30 A.M.  They were exhausted but I thought it very sweet of them to stay up a little while longer and tell us all about their trip.  It was a little bit hard for me to stay happy for them.  I pushed back my jealous feelings.  I really regret not going on this trip.  I love that the boys had some time together and that they had an amazing trip.  I just kept wishing I was a part of it - but it's not about me.  I was hearing how I totally could have handled the food, the hotel, the bathroom situation, the heat was not bad b/c of the overcast, Noah said they had THE BEST COKE EVER...and then Noah with the biggest eyes said, "MOM, there were lizards EVERYWHERE!"  And my heart felt better.  I HATE LIZARDS.  He thought it a good thing... me...NO WAY!  They freak me out how they scurry.  He also said, "Mom, do you know if you put a concrete block outside walk away, turn around, and come back...THERE WILL BE A LIZARD on it!"  No as a matter of fact I did not.    I could have lived forever without knowing that.  Good thing the boy loves lizzards!

Their pictures from today:

Noah...coming home...The girls have taken over!

My poor buddy!

These were out by the time he came home...ha!

I'm so extremely glad they are home safe and sound!  My heart is full!

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