Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 5

Anna and I slept LATE...which was so nice.  I got up and started finishing the dining room and working on another hallway I added to the project.  I finished the "soft camel" in the dining room and put that same color in the hallway.  Cassie was going to bring the blue over.  She had a problem at her walmart so she picked me up and we went and got the blue to finish.

AND FINISH... We did.  Cassie and Jasmine helped me finish painting and then we hung a few things.  They left exhausted and I got inspired to hang the rest of our stuff and clean!  My hands still feel sore.  I'm so excited.  I can't wait for the boys to see it.


Thanks mom and dad for keeping the babies.  That was one reason we were able to finish so quick!  You are the best!!  Thank you for always being available to help!  LOVE YOU!

Here are the instagram pictures from Jason...

This is a classroom they worked on...

Finished product.  Amazingly beautiful!


The girls + 2 little boys.  Know who is missing?!?  ME!!!  WISH I WAS THERE!!

Seriously love these people.

Again, their day was much more significant than what we did... Still praying!  Looks like they are accomplishing much!  To God be the Glory!  Praying for their safe travel tomorrow.  And I can't wait to have them home and in my arms this time tomorrow!!  It's gonna be GREAT!

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Laine said...

Praying them home safe! We have been praying for the whole team and love seeing these pictures of KINGDOM FRUIT!!!! Praise God!

I know (or will know) how you feel, Page! Rob is taking our 2 older boys on a mission trip in Sept and I want to go so bad...but I'm so thankful that I can hold the fort at home while they can help others...

Love you!