Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 4 -

Friday gets exciting!  I spent the day cleaning... because...Cassie was coming over to help me paint as a surprise for the boys.  Not so much a surprise but just a great time to do this big task.

Before we started... 

My two biggest resolutions this year was lose 20 pounds and make the house a home.  Well, I'm 15 pounds into this weight loss thing...5 or so more to go!  YAY!  So I thought it's time to make the house a home before the year is gone!!

I mentioned to Cassie a couple of weeks ago that when the boys leave for the DR I want to paint.  It was just an idea, but Cassie made me follow through.  We discussed blues and I felt like that was a baby room ... but I got some samples of things I could live with and then let her pick the final colors.  We went with blue and a yellowish tan color - it's called "Soft Camel" and Anna will say, "I love this blue and soft camel" - she's cute.  

Friday afternoon about 3:30 we had paint in hand and started on the hallway.  Anna was on baby duty and had to entertain Mary and Isaac until mom could come get the babies.  They were so good and didn't bother us at all.  Mom came and got the babies and Cassie and I continued to work.  Anna was really good only wanting to paint a couple of times.  I thought it was going to be a lot harder with her but she was really good.

I was on roller duty and Cassie was on corners and trim.  MY HANDS FEEL AS THOUGH THEY WILL FALL OFF!!!  They hurt so bad with a couple of blisters.  It's insane!  But we wanted to finish pretty much in one day so I just pushed through the pain.  We had to do the hall, living room, and then dining room ... because they are all connected.  We got all the way around and ran out of paint on the very last wall.  We attempted a midnight Walmart run...which is ridiculous, we walked out empty handed.  After that disappointment we headed to Krispy Kreme where no one is ever disappointed there and got some HOT AND NOW Donuts!  They were sooooo good too.  We decided to call it a night and finish tomorrow.

Couldn't QUITE finish!  Almost there!

Anna and I got into bed and watched a few more Hannah Montana episodes on Netflix and called it a night around 2.  

Pictures from the boys:

My little heartthrob!!

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