Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 3

Thursday was good!  It's a work day!  I got to get away.  Which was needed more than I thought.  Ever since Sunday I have had a craving for more homemade peach ice-cream.  A lady at church had made some for our DR Ice Cream Social and I just wanted some more.  I was telling my friend Julie about it and she said, "I can totally make you some!"  They had some peaches left over from their trip to Clanton.  Thursday night I got a text from her saying if we wanted ice cream it was done!

We went right over!  That was the fun of that day.  We visited for a while with her.  I waxed her eyebrows and she made me ice cream.  We are great friends...Got that give and take thing going.  Ha!  Love her and love the ice cream.  Made Jason being gone a little bit ok!

And Jason, I've saved some for you.  I love you that much!!

Anna and I started a Hannah Montana marathon today.  We've almost watched the whole first season.  We've just been relaxing together.

Here is today's pictures from Jason...

Get it Noah!

Playing in the rain with a new friend.

Beautiful AGAIN!  And, Noah is looking for Lizards "for fun" he's on the right side of the picture...

I love this kid!!

I feel as though their day was more productive, more significant, more fun...I'm a little jealous I didn't go.  Having regrets but thankful for these pictures.  Praying for the team and their effectiveness in the DR today!

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