Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 2 -

Wednesday was fun...most Wednesday's are...but this one was super fun.

First of all I'm awakened by a knock at the door.  Who was it?!?  My sweet baby niece who I promptly put in the bed with me to snuggle.  And she fell fast asleep, just like a perfect baby would.  Who doesn't want to start the day like that!!!

Then, after we all got ready and the rain subsided.  Mom, Silena and I (along with a few kids) went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  We were going to use our Mother's Day giftcard and then Dad threw some more money in on it - THANK YOU DAD!!!  We ate ourselves silly with lunch and then cheesecake and then cheesecakes to go.  We told Anna that it was a fancy restaurant.  So when she got there she didn't know what to do with herself.  She told my sister, "I told my mom she needed to send me to 'delicate' school" (instead of etiquette) ... We all had a good laugh about that and every time she started acting like Anna (the wild child) we would say..."That's NOT DELICATE" and she would sit straight and act right, for a little while.  We just had so much fun visiting with each other.  I wish it wasn't so dern expensive b/c I would love to do that at least once a week. 

Anna being Delicate

Then, we decided with all the rain we should bowl.  We finally for the first time this summer did the Kidsbowlfree!  Last time we went bowling Isaac went nuts and threw the bowling ball down someone elses lane.  I knew he could only do one game so he played one game and the second game he watched and ate skittles.  It was great...Anna won one game and Mary won the second game.  They were so cute throwing those huge balls down the lanes.  It was a great way to pass the time and I was so thankful that Isaac behaved. 

Next!  We did our summer in the son and it was a perfect lesson for the kids who know Noah (and a team from church) was on a mission trip.  The lesson was on the woman at the well and how she told everyone the good news of Christ.  We prayed for Noah that he would do that and also that he Lord would give us the boldness to do it talk with our friends about the GOOD NEWS of Jesus.  We had a great dinner (provided by Kendra), we danced and sang, and then we did relay races with water and then we threw water on the kids for the fun of it.  GREAT FUN!

And then to top the day...Anna and I got to text Jason back and forth.  We sent him video messages from us and he sent us a video back.  I think that was the highlight of our whole day.  Jason also posted some pictures of them in the DR.  Which I loved to see!!   It was a great day.  I wish we were with them in the DR.  Wish wish wish.  Still praying for they were going to the Boys Home to work with some orphans there.  Praying special blessings on the kids and the team. 


All time favorite picture!

They are about to start the day!


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