Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And they are off...

The Dollar clan...minus Isaac who would rather play with TRAINS!

Jason and Noah left this morning for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  They will be helping some friends of ours, Jason and Michelle Little who work with Lifeline's (un)adopted.  This is Noah's first airplane ride, trip out of the country, and all other firsts.  I'm so excited for him.  I'm praying the Lord just really reveals himself to Noah on this trip.  I also am praying the Lord will make a change in his heart to serve others and show him the real meaning to life - spreading the gospel.  I also pray this for our whole team as well but Noah just has a special place in my heart...ha!

Sad day...

Saying our goodbyes because Heaven knows we can't get up at 6 am to see them off!!
Poor Mary was so sad they were leaving.  She usually gets her way by crying...NOT THIS TIME!  She is such a sweet sensitive girl!  She loves her boys!

On the other hand...We are planning to have a GREAT week here at home.  Little Mary is beyond sad that Noah is leaving and she just played Jason's hearstrings last night.  She has such a tenderheart.  Anna and I on the other hand are planning PAR-TAY. 

Today...Mom and I are taking the kids to see Brave - we are filling up our popcorn bucket and enjoy the movie! 

Brave was so good.  A little scary for Mary at time but in the end she was glad she went.

Pray for my boys!! 

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Laine said...

Praying for them, Page!!!!!