Monday, June 18, 2012


We had a great week at VBS!  Erin did such a great job this year delegating.  I don't think anyone was stressed.  I surely wasn't.  It's nice to be her favorite... I mean, to stay on her good side.  HA!  VBS can be such a booger! 

I was in charge of the parade handouts.  This year we did ice cream.  The parade is not my favorite but it sure looks like a  good time.

We only have out 10 icecreams.  But the 20 something kids in the parade enjoyed them when it was over.  And they were good!!

We had a lot of kids!  Every class was "full" - Monday was a little hecktic when I was put with the 4 year olds (which Mary and Isaac both were in...YIKES and Mary was super whiney and left with a fever) but then that all got straight and I was back to picture taking, crafts, and floating for the rest of the week.

Amazing Wonders was the theme.  It was a lot funner than I thought it was going to be.  It was more of an airplane ride to see God's Wonders.  Fun!  Anna loves the music and it's been playing non stop since Mrs. Kendra gave her the CD. 

Enjoy the pictures and there is also a video of the week (coming soon - Rey & Matt did a great job)...

Good thing VBS was not hectic because our home life sure was.  Vivian was born which was so much fun but having to leave the hospital to get to VBS was not fun for me.  Isaac and Mary both were sick that week which made for some rearranging.  They had Hand Foot Mouth Disease.  And it is now spreading through our house.  Noah and Jason are both enduring it now.  Anna and I have to WATCH OUT!!!     

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