Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday was so much fun!  It was the first day of SUMMER!  And how else would we spend it?!?  AT THE POOL!  But our pool was closed so Delilah and I took the kids to my brother's pool to swim for a little while.  SO MUCH FUN!!  It's so fun to spend the summer with friends.  After the pool it was off to the Dentist for Noah and I...THANK THE LORD I LOVE MY HYGENIST!  She made me want to cry and I acted just like Anna...OH THE SOUNDS ARE MORE THAN I CAN HANDLE!!!

NOT TO MENTION...It was another RMLBC CRAFT NIGHT!  We made these beautiful crosses!  Heather won the beautification award.  She is one talented person.  I love craft night!  Always so fun to get together and be creative.  I didn't make a cross because I really needed to finish a project for Sherry.  It turned out so pretty!! 

Then it was time for the long awaited ORPHAN RUN!  Love the cause.  Want to support Malerie and Kevin and get this little Gia home with her forever family.  It was fun but it was HOT!!  I had not properly hydrated myself the day before or that morning.  Needless to say... I didn't finish the race.  When we came to where I parked we got in the car and left.  Just in time too.  Right when I got to my mom's house (to get the kids) I threw up everywhere!!  So I spent the next SEVERAL hours resting, drinking lots of gatorade and sprite, and cooling off.  I felt like the biggest wimp ever.  But Delilah and I have already decided we will conquer that track.  And for the record.  Delilah is the BEST FRIEND a girl could have.  She is so competitive and she never left me and she also forfeited the race with Jason and I.  I ruined her fun!  I was sad for her.  But she proved her love for me that day!!   Jason was so good too...I feel sorry for him sometimes that he has to keep up with me (for the rest of his life).  I'm so dramatic.  I couldn't just run a race I had to go and quit and throw up about it.  Thank you Jason and Delilah for being there with me and loving me through my weakness!!  Y'all are the best!! 

I was done after Saturday.  The rest of my weekend was going to be spent at our pool...LAYING AROUND!  And that is what I did.  Sunday after church we spent 5 hours out there and Saturday we did the same.  Cassie & Delilah came over Sunday and we decided to have a memorial day pool/cookout.  That night we went to the store and got all our food we were going to need.   We rocked out dinner last night.  We had a BOSTON BUTT that I made!!  That's right friends.  I provided the meat and it was good!  Cassie made some wonderful sides and Delilah rocked dessert...surprised?!?  Nah!  It was so fun spending time with our friends.  I'm gonna love this summer life if it shapes up like this!! 


Jae said...

I am just glad that we all know where Anna gets her dramatic side...

Paula said...

Page, Mary Claire says you should call it a Boston Bottom because it sounds nicer. ;) Glad you are enjoying your summer. Hope it turns out even better than you expect.